Make a change

When I couldn’t make change. I decided to sit with the ONE, who created all things. I was tired of life. The same old circle doing the same thing.  I did not know how to make change. I looked around me and it was hard. Everyone I knew was doing the same old thing even me, and I cried out to God. I pray this song land on someone’s lap who needs it. I know Jesus can change the hearts of any willing. I believe that!  God bless everyone. I love you guys. You want new things. Change the path you’re walking. Your approach is your outcome. Input produces output! May the joy of the LORD be our strength! One of the best things that really helped is when I changed my music. I don’t ever want to go back to that wretched stuff I use to listen to because when I listened to that stuff I was wretched my friends. I attached the word definition for wretched. old wretched woman I was.  I thank GOD for COMFORT!! ❤


(of a person) in a very unhappy or unfortunate state.
“I felt so wretched because I thought I might never see you again”
synonyms: miserable, unhappy, sad, heartbroken, grief-stricken, sorrowful, sorry for oneself, distressed, desolate, devastated, despairing, disconsolate, downcast, dejected, crestfallen, cheerless, depressed, melancholy, morose, gloomy, mournful, doleful, dismal, forlorn, woebegone; informalblue; literarydolorous
“I felt so wretched without you”
unfortunate, unlucky, luckless, ill-starred, blighted, hapless, poor, pitiable, downtrodden, oppressed;
“the wretched dweller in the shantytown”
of poor quality; very bad.
“the wretched conditions of the slums”
synonyms: harsh, hard, grim, stark, difficult; poor, impoverished; pitiful, pathetic, miserable, cheerless, sordid, shabby, seedy, unhealthy, insalubrious, dilapidated; informalscummy
“their living conditions are wretched”
terrible, awful, dire, atrocious, dreadful, bad, poor, lamentable, deplorable;
“wretched weather”
used to express anger or annoyance.
“she disliked the wretched man intensely”
synonyms: despicable, contemptible, reprehensible, base, vile, loathsome, hateful, detestable, odious, ignoble, shameful, shabby, worthless; informaldirty, rotten, lowdown, lousy
“he’s a wretched coward”
informaldamn, damned, blessed, cursed, flaming, confounded, rotten, blasted, bloody
“I don’t want the wretched money”

2 thoughts on “Make a change

  1. I too was Wretched!! I’m so thankful that I feel on my knees crying out to Jesus Christ to Help Me. My life back then was so messed up!! Everything had to changed. I too was listening to word that was so foul. ((PROCESS)) Keep Growing!! levels by levels. There is no looking back. For me there is nothing back there for me. I pray daily for many who yet has not let go of this world yet!! Hoping that they will. We’ve must keep moving forward. He Never said it would be easy!! it wasn’t easy for Him, nor for those who were before us. Amen!! Amen…God Bless you!! Shalom!! ((Hugs)) 🙂

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