Do you like you?

So a couple years back on facebook I was giving what i considered motivational messages and as I was doing this, This song flashed through my news feed.  It is not God music but just think that is so amazing how right on time it was for the things I was writing and speaking. Self esteem is a terrible thing if you have none.

 You can change your looks. You can put on ten pounds of make up. own all the best clothes money can purchase, and if you don’t like you NONE OF IT MATTERS!  I noticed as I started sitting with Jesus. the more I changed the more I loved myself. Without make up, without designer clothes. I can truly say I love me and that is one of the best things in my life God gave to me!!!

Beauty fades. clothes can not change age. Sicknesses come. Life happens. material things are only temporal.  if you are not happy with your outwardly appearances, i pray God clean up your innards and create you into something you can fall in love with.   One thing David spoke is I will lay me down to sleep in REST! Psalm 4:8. When Jesus changes your heart you fall in love with your self. Jesus changes our innards my friends and that is TRUE BEAUTY at it’s finest!! Food for thought dear people! I think the words in this song are pretty powerful. Even though it never mentions God. i believe this is something God would sing to us.

I know when I had no self esteem God lead me to compliment myself, Best thing in life I ever did and I had to look really deep to be able to do such things. and if you love nothing about yourself. I pray God fill you with a new heart you can fall in love with. So much love it is enough for you to believe in yourself. Take your make up off. Take your clothes off. Naked you came into the world. The LORD sees our hearts, and if our hearts are not beautiful LORD create with in us new hearts fashioned after you GOD in Jesus name Amen! have a blessed day dear people! Do you like you?

4 thoughts on “Do you like you?

  1. God Bless you, I use to be one of those people. I didn’t like who I was as a child. I was treated so badly. I was called names. I thought to be liked was to do what others were doing for them to like me. Knowing that what they were doing was not correct. I always carried about people the way they were being mistreated. I had always wanted to say something to have them to laugh, or smile. But still deep inside me I was so unhappy. The day I accepted Jesus Christ into my own heart and life. It was the best thing I had ever done. I don’t regreat it not at all. Jesus Christ knew what was going to happen when I would accept Him into my heart and life. Years passed I found out I had Lupus. I had lost my hair, my life had changed alot. Lupus has not changed the life I have chosen to live for Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ had not ever left me nor forsake me. I had left Him once upon a time doing my walk with Him. I have come a long way in my spiritiual walk with Him. I don’t regreat the life I have today. It’s not about the hair, makeup nor the clothers to Him. He still loves me, He didn’t love the ((Sin)). The lifestyle that I have chosen is it. My life is a walking, breathing, living, testimony this day. I will stop here. Thank you for sharing this video. God Bless you, and the many that will watch and be blessed as well. Shalom!! Agape!! ((Hugs)) 🙂

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