The Potter Makes New cups!

Keep a song in my heart. a sound mind in my thoughts, cleanse me of all unclean thoughts. I pray for discernment. I pray for wisdom to walk away from sins. give me strength to flee temptations God. To not look back. To lift my eyes to the hills. To the sky I will open my mouth and sing songs to My Beloved, who did create both things!

it is time to worship God, In spirit in truth with our hearts. Time to walk in faith and believe in the things we can not see. For who can imagine the things God can do? and even if I believe God can do, I seen things I never thought could happen. Things men said impossible.

Examine our hearts, I care not to judge. Paul spoke one time Adam was not deceived and then in other places it is written all have sinned and come short of God’s glory. I walked many miles in many shoes and I never saw the perfect man, nor woman, and even if I saw perfect for how long? I know not one perfect person.

But as Paul tells us to consider such things and take all things to prayers and supplication, Paul also says, did I Paul die for our sins? I baptize none that I know of, then he list….. read 1 Corinthians Chapter 1. But Paul said I would not boast. He came to preach the Gospel.

Paul tells woman not to speak. But then he speaks these things to carnal people, or perhaps even churches. I am not a follower of Paul. I am a follower of Jesus and that is what Paul was also. if people listen to His speech.

The Lord judges our innards. it matters not how clean your clothes are. How righteous your speech is. How is your hearts my finds? Is it wicked? Is it sorrowed? is it grieved? Do you walk in despair? Is it broken? is it stomped on? Is it shattered? if so I pray Jesus heal you my friends.

How is your cup? Is it half empty? is it broken? Is it shattered? is it bone dry? Are you looking for a renewing? A quenching of the Holy Spirit? is your cup full of oil? Does it have water in it? is your vessel old? Does it have holes in it? Romans 12:2

Jesus speaks any who drink from my Water shall never thirst again but be like a fountain. Planted firmly in the ground. Like a solid rock that can not be washed away because there is so much water it has to have the Rock in it in able to stand! A Rock in the Water is what we want to be, and even be the Rock that walked on water. How lovely that is when God makes a stone foundation path so we never trip or fall.

My eyes are closed God. I trust you will lead me. I don’t want to open my eyes and get distracted and fall in the water. So Lord I trust you God. it is dark. I need you to be my Lamp. Take my hand and guide me. I believe when I open them I will be safe in the other side of the island.

Faith is believing the things you can not see. I thought faith meant walking perfect. My friends if you only have faith the size of a mustard seed, mustard seeds are so tiny. To the ones with little faith. I pray God multiply faith in you. I pray God manifest the Holy Spirit into your life. That God shine His Light down from heaven so you do not fall, trip, and if you are down that you may see to get up.

If you take a clay cup and crush it, Does it turn into some sort of dust like material? Do you believe God created man out of dust? I do. and honestly if your cup is broken I believe God can make you a whole new cup. There is a parable about new wine in old vessels. it is also written God created man out of dust and God is our Potter.

Once we are made better, we don’t want to run back to bitter. We don’t want to become the same old dirty mug we once were. We want to hang out with the Good Dishes that people keep in special places so they don’t get broken. If your just one of those old dirty coffee mugs that never get washed but used over and over, Then I would be like God make me a tea cup that only gets used by you God! Sorry coffee drinkers. I hope I did not hurt any feelings. 😀

Either way all joking aside. Jesus came to fix broken things and make them whole again and that was His entire ministry and until this day JESUS is the same and I truly think that is WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS! God I don’t want to be your dish but if that is where i have to start let me be that filthy cup you wash and make into a better cup, and then one day I pray you look upon me and I just be a woman, invited to drink from your cup! and then maybe one day You will say welcome to my feast! You will dine with me forever sitting as My Child. What a DELIGHT THAT WILL BE!

God bless everyone. This is tonight’s reflection. To those who do not know God. There are so many scripture references in this I pray you open your bibles and God let the bible fall right open to the scriptures. May God multiply your faith in Jesus name Amen!

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