Running with all my might, but the more I ran, I went to check the distance to see I had not moved an inch. So I ran harder. Angered, I ran faster. I did this for hours, days, weeks. I check to see, I was still standing in the same place. So I got angry. I ran and ran. Up hill I went, faster and faster I would not look. Not this time. 1 year went by, 5 years went by, I must have went really far. So I slowed down to take a look. To my frustration I got angered! I quit! I still had not moved an inch. I could not comprehend.


I sat down. frustrated I cried. All this running and how is it possible I have not moved an inch? Tears ran down my face. They rushed down my cheeks. I sat there. God answer me.  What is going on in my life? How can I be always on the move, and have not gone anywhere?  So I just decided to rest. I will wait until God moves me, I thought.


So I laid back. I started thinking, I sat back.  It was quiet. I started meditating. I started thinking about God’s creation. I found a peace. I closed my eyes I was running full motion. I saw myself rise up. I saw myself in a different life. I was accomplished, time had went by. I was not running. I rested in God. I sat longer. I enjoyed this feeling! I opened my eyes and found I was in a new life . I had a job. I had kids. I had a meaning and purpose to life. Ten years had went by and when I started thinking about it all these memories came rushing to catch up with me and I heard a Voice, “Until you sat and rested in me, you were only moving with your feet. As you sat with me and kept your peace, I planted you in a life I knew would give you joy, I didn’t want you to get tired. please don’t run this time. you may miss the best times of your life. Walk everyday. Rest in God daily let God do your running. There is great peace to those who Rest in God.


I pray someone find great meaning in this peace. have a blessed day dear people. Written by Michelle Stokes. Running is good but if you are running and never moving try resting. Shalom dear people!




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