Love the LORD

The scriptures say. love the LORD GOD with all your heart, mind and soul. it did not say, put one toe in. it did not say with one finger I will praise you God. but if that one finger is all you are able to lift. I pray that finger be enough for God to set your heart on fire with a burning passion, and fire, a new flame ,or rekindle the flame or start a fire if you never felt it, May it be an Everlasting Fire, that no man on planet earth can extinguish, nobody can steal or destroy may it be a fire that burns so bright it light a path for many.


May God melt the wax off those hearts, and may the stone be refined. Scripture does not say love God once a week. Or love calling on God when you are in trouble, and all other times we know not God.

If you love social media, how often do you visit it? We love our boyfriends or husbands, how often do we speak to those love ones? How often do we eat foods we love? If you spend more time making a meal then you do speaking to God everyday. How much love is that? is that wholeheartedly?

What is love to you? Is love kind words? So how many kind words have you said to God?  Do you love God and just go to Christmas mass? or Easter Sunday? is your love yearly? Does your love equal how you want to be loved?  How much time do you want to spend with the ones you love? How much time are we spending with God? Just food for thought! Shalom dear people! I love you guys! Input produces Output


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