Dear God many have done me wrong. I could point out the faults all have done to me, but I am not them. I ask you to help me forgive. I want to forgive but I don’t know how. I want to be forgiven. So I ask you to help me forgive in Jesus name Amen!


I was wrong by many. Evil was all around me. The odds were stacked against me. I had no where to go. out of luck, out of options. Broken direction. No where left standing. On the ground. In the mire I sank. Where is my Savior? is there such a thing?

My heart I did harden to stone, it  was like flint. There was no son only darkness. the darkness ate the sun I would say. black clouds, black clouds all around me, there is no mist in my garden. only dark clouds, no umbrella, the water covered me. I was drowning. I saw a life jacket, I heard a Voice. Follow Me, I AM LIFE. I AM the Living Waters. I speak to the wind. be still and the winds listen. The seas bow to me. The water is still. Rest with me.


I will be your umbrella in the rain. I will reign everyday in your heart. I will take you out the desert. I will keep you hidden. In my pavilion i will keep you. The sorrow will be something of the past. the former things are forgotten. all things are washed on the shore and made a new by the time they hit my island. Welcome to paradise. A new day is created for you. there is no more pain. No more suffering. only My Holy Spirit. There is me in the presence of you. See my glory. I will erase all things wicked. I will help them be forgotten, I will write you a new name and give you a Crown for all who rest in me.


I AM you Comforter!  I pray many seek Shelter in JESUS!  I pray the LORD turn those storms into something beautiful! that those upside down frowns be made upright, and they be created in to smiles of delight! Crown our lips oh God! Fill them with praise, with honor, with truth, with love, with righteousness oh God. I pray we have a Spiritual birth and be transformed by Jesus.


I pray any out there who can not forgive, ask God to help you forgive. it was such a wonderful thing when I forgave everyone and till this day it still is. I pray many delight in the ways of God. For when we do such things it truly is a delight to us. The Book of Life. which is the Word of God, when you get over arguing and fighting about names and which religion is the way maybe then we can all find the path of LIFE. Sin is death.


I speak from experience. it is really hard to go forward when you are still standing 20 years back. it is like running and never going anywhere. I did write something about this today. May the reader be blessed! Running. Instead of running from God I pray we run to God with open arms and that we walk with God daily.  Everything we do in life produces fruit. and if you have not sat with God yet, perhaps that should be a path you try traveling. it will be the best thing for your life you ever did. I speak from experience!


Come to God with doubt. Come to God in faith. Come to God in sorrow. Come to God in thanksgiving. Come to God as you are! No matter how you come, just come! Even if you don’t come, Jesus is knocking at the door. Will you let Jesus in? Just food for thought dear people! My daily devotional from Matthew 6:14-15. Written by Michelle Stokes. #ReflectingonLIFE! #RelectingOnTheWord!

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