Forgiveness part 2

I don’t want to forgive anybody. Why would I? Look what they have done? and while you’re at it, look what you are doing to you. I am not different from many. When you live in the past. it sometimes hurts. if bad things happened to you twenty years ago. let it go my friends. You can’t keep drinking looking for happiness. those people are gone. and if they are not 20 years makes you an adult. Time to put them grown up pants on and understand if you don’t forgive that stuff will kill you. There is no future when you are standing in twenty years ago my friends. Whether if it be less then that, or more.


Until you say it is done. That is over.  You will just keep reliving it.  many people make bad decisions and self destruct because of the things done to us. Why I say follow Jesus? I noticed in my life. the more I sat with God. The happier I got. The more I listened and stopped doing the things God told us not to do. The better my life became.


In my heart I would speak about God 24-7 even though I do with my lips too, because honestly as low, as I was and as great as I am now, If people could see, and feel, and experience such things I think they would all choose God!  We all say we know what is in the bible. But how many truly go read it?


If you open the bible to say there is no God you will probably never see God. but if you open it with could this be possible or I believe, you will see mighty things my friends.  not many proud, not many noble, not many just people will ever find God. For most of those have all ready exalted self as gods.


I had many people say to me. You are weak for believing in God. I say my friends it is my weakness that made me believe God! For in my weakness  I called to God and by God I was made strong!  So yes I confess I am weak.

I believe one of the beginning steps in finding God is asking for forgiveness. For telling God you forgive or even saying God I don’t know how.  Then I say God help me stop lying and this one going to hurt a little bit. but if you have to lie about it. probably should not be doing it.

May the broken be made whole. Matthew Chapter 5 is truly a priceless chapter! I pray this bless the listener! Shalom dear people! You can find part 1 here

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