Joseph-Haters everywhere

When Joseph told his brothers His dream they did not receive him well. You can read that around Genesis Chapter 37. Noah’s dream was not really received by any either. and Daniel could interpret dreams. it seems when God gives people visions it is hardly any who receive them. I speak about my dreams and I tell you when I say I lost crowds of thousands before, for doing so and truth be told I say goodbye basically, because since I have had dreams and am not new to it. I understand the repercussions of such. not hardly any receive it. You become a laughing stock. they mock you, then when the things you spoke come to pass, then all of a sudden not so funny.

I had some who would be bitter, others jealous, and they say I wish I had those gifts. I do highly doubt that. it is not such a happy thing to be able to see death come before it happens. To try and pass warning to your friends and then your friends do not listen and the things God spoke came to pass. God does not give me dreams about people winning the lottery. usually I am given messages nobody wants to hear.

I am not a people pleaser. Pleasing people is a headache and the minute you don’t agree with them, all of a sudden you fall attack. You go from being so wonderful, to being the enemy. You can come comment on my page, say kind words. but then let me correct you and all of a sudden no where around. I am not new to preaching. Not new to speaking the Gospel. Not new to revealing the things God spoke to me. perhaps maybe if people knew this they can see why I sit with Jesus for I know what is in people. and most do not want to hear truth and nobody wants to be corrected and that seems to be human nature. we all want followers, likes, we all want to speak encouragement. but speak life saving knowledge that will spare your life and soul and all of a sudden I am the bad guy.

Either way I truly pray God sees all things that ever happened and rise me up as you did Joseph so that way all who mocked, called me names, laughed at me, can bow to my feet. I mean that in the nicest way, then I would feel my labor paid off. Even if my reward is only heaven I am ok with that. But people want to say kind words. speak to people’s egos, but like all the real prophets were not received well, a lot of the things I say are not received well either. Maybe I am a prophet I would never say such things out loud but when I examine my life and examine the bible. Things just seem strange.

Just a random thought and blog. They even did that to Jesus. Jesus was well received as long as he was healing or teaching. He was a hero to some and an enemy to even those people when He said things they did not want to hear. and to the churches He become the one they sought to slaughter. Just interesting.

Just random thoughts. have a blessed day dear people. and Honestly I will hurt egos, I will hurt pride. I will stomp on toes, crush fingers if that is what it takes to get you to read the bible, find God, live. and honestly that is the friend I am. I will tackle you to the ground to take your keys if you are trying to drive drunk. I will do things people consider at the time rotten but hey man, Your welcome! Someone has to think about you. Someone loves you and if I did not do these things I would be that fake friend who pushes you off the bridge. or those fake people who say kind words and secretly plot your murder. Did Judas give Jesus a kiss before he sent Jesus to His death?

I am a lot like Joseph even though I am a woman. I had many people do many things like sell me to slavery in many different ways and I would still feed each of you if you were hungered and that is truth of who I am and I am beginning to see proverbs women are certainly few and scattered. and that is truth. I never considered my self a Proverbs woman honestly but I truly am beginning to see not hardly any think like me. Not being boastful, just honest. I know many people and by their own words they say. Michelle I would not do that. I would not of did that. I know. I am not you friend! and that is what I would say.

I am truly glad to sit with Jesus. and not be a follower of what every one else is doing. Many friends are only friends as long as you agree with them and as long as you like everything they like. Just an observation.

Tired of shows. Tired of performance. I pray there be more real people in the world if that be possible at all because most people are not even people anymore. Shows on social media. shows at churches. shows in friendship. Everything is a show. Aren’t I pretty? Look at me! Weeeeee it’s a bad version of high school, adults that never grew up. and just like high school; I love the misfit crowds. that is how I became most popular. hanging with the ones the world calls rejects. Hey at least these people seem to be honest and know their place. instead of ratchet people putting on shows and walking around calling them self princesses. I wonder if that is why Jesus hung out with the ones rejected. I totally am feeling Jesus!

This blog was not written for friendship. nor likes. It is what is on my mind. Have a blessed day dear people!

Transforming Things

So I said I would not be on for about a month but it appears I have been. So with that said just think I will put my plan in the open. I am working on a new start. I make jewelry. I am really into crafts. I love writing and I have a pretty good sense of art so I have been told. So I am in the process of setting up a store.

Nobody wants to pay to hear the Gospel and truth be told I don’t want to charge for speaking it. I am not a beggar and truth be told I have had a donation button for a few years now and with way bigger crowds and I have never received one donation and honestly I don’t mind I wrote over a decade and spoke nothing but Gospel for ten solid years plus and I never asked for one penny.

So I can not stop being me, I don’t know how to and Jesus is all that comes out of my mouth. I spend so much time praying and reading my bible, I could not change my speech if I wanted to and honestly I don’t want to. it is who I am now. So I will continue to be Michelle but since not hardly any have a giving heart anymore I do need to generate some kind of income and I pray my work pays off. I never been afraid of work. I would rather pick up dog poop then beg and that is truth.

I don’t know how to separate my work and don’t want to, so my art and crafts will pretty much be all about Jesus. So if you are looking for some inspired art or pictures I create with inspirational scriptures. I may soon be your girl you buy things from.

I have so many books written and truly I will probably publish some of the to an ebook. I was waiting for cash to come in so I could self publish but honestly I am also against that because truth be told I think it is sad, how many will read a million books and never pick up the Book that could best profit their soul. (The Holy Bible) So I was not all excited about publishing a book either.

I am in a process of many new things and honestly instead of go in detail I pray I can just show everything. But things are not moving as fast as I would like but they are moving. And I can not wait to share some of the projects I have been working on! This was just an update for those who truly keep up with my doings. Thanks for reading, following, liking and commenting. I also am trying to add some music. It may not sound the best but I believe the words will really inspire someone. So with that said. Keep your eyes open. I shall be coming out with these things shortly. Have a blessed day dear people.