Same GOD Right Now!

Praise the LORD dear people! Man! I come on to share a song. Well actually two of them.  I am going to mix them. if GOD did it before, GOD can do it again! same GOD back then same GOD RIGHT NOW! and I don’t need to know where I would be with out Jesus! I once was lost without Jesus. i was hurt, I was suffering. I was shattered and broken, dying in my own sin. and I say I AM SO THANKFUL JESUS FOUND ME! and now my new song is Jesus I never want to leave your side. I pray I lift up my voice everyday and just praise you Oh GOD!


I thank God for deliverance. I thank God for healing! I thank Jesus for all things Jesus still does until this day! I think it so amazing to sit and listen to testimony of people Jesus healed, saved and delivered. Sure some say people are false and perhaps some are, but man I seen the healing and miracles of God and I just think it is WONDERFUL to hear the Mighty things Jesus is doing!!


Does anyone else feel this way? and truth be told If God can heal back in those days, I pray man get in the WORD and see Jesus been delivering people from sin and captivity of it, for a long time now. and truth be told that IS WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS!  I pray many get healed, delivered and we can all sit and talk about How WONDERFUL GOD IS!


Praise Jesus who still heals! Praise Jesus who still hears! I myself think any who doubt should start you tube searching and see some testimony. I admit some testimony might sound crazy but are we all crazy? This is what I would ask God. God are they crazy? and if we are not, would you want to miss this healing?


Just amazing to see all the miracles God performs for people. and so much testimony of Jesus healing people now in today’s times!  That’s a WONDERFUL DELIGHT FRIENDS! Yes some are dying for Jesus, others are living for Jesus and those who die are not dead. They live with Jesus! Just think that is amazing how GOD has total control.

All I know is Jesus turned all my wailing into dancing, and I believe if Jesus did it for me! MAN IT IS TIME TO REJOICE! That means there is hope for many! If God can change someone like me! I BELIEVE! I pray I lose like 50 pounds just dancing and praising the LORD! I AM TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON JESUS! ❤ Psalm 30:11-12!! ❤ ❤

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