Plant us in your garden.

Plant us in your garden God. may our feet be deeply rooted in Your Word. teach us how to obey. teach us to listen. Let not the winds blow us in every direction. Plant Your Seed in our hearts. Water us daily GOD. Shine Your Son unto us. let us not see famine. let us not drown. give us the proper nutrition so we may grow.

let us be trees of Righteousness. let us be rocks that are not moved. Let us be good fruit that blossoms and grows and let it replenish the earth and subdue it. Restore your Kingdom God in earth as it is in heaven. Help us shine pretty. Rise up a nation of people and plant us in the garden of Eden here on earth oh God. Wipe away the tears of many. plant them a new seed God. Shine down your grace. Shine down your mercy. Open the doors of opportunity to us God. plant us in your garden God and may we flourish for God. let it be the most beautiful garden any have ever seen or witnessed in Jesus name Amen!

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