My Help Comes From

My help comes from the LORD. Maker of the heavens and earth and the universe. God shall fight God’s battle with the Mighty Hands of God we shall be saved!!! ❤ ❤ We shall be healed. We shall be delivered! The LORD will lead His people out of captivity. Out of the graves He shall rise us. Those who are dirt. Those who are scattered like ashes blowing in the wind. The winds shall come together and whole we will be made by the hands of our Potter! With GOD all things are possible! I BELIEVE! What a WONDERFUL GOD I serve GOD has spoken I AM, and truly it is written Jesus and GOD are ONE and it shall come to pass GOD will rise up an army of Children who listen, honor and obey and many will witness the LORD and it shall be LIFE UNTO THEM! Hallelujah! Praise THE LIVING GOD who is WONDERFUL indeed!

Say to those who will listen GOD has spoken and all who hear and listen will be blessed and written in the Lamb's Book of LIFE for obedience! WHAT WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS! I pray many examine the Bible. Examine the scriptures. Examine their hearts, Examine their lives. Are you tired yet my friends? If so, time to REST IN THE LORD! God can give the weary new strength. God can mend the broken hearts. God can make all things crooked straight and THAT IS WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS!

Delight in the LORD my friends! taste and see the GOODNESS OF GOD. David said I had fainted unless I seen the goodness of God in planet earth and I do agree with this! Put some Psalms in your heart and let it be a new song to you friends and may God fill you with a new tune, and take away all things bitter and broken and make you whole. Love you guys! Happy Blessed Sunday! Psalms 27 is a lovely delight! ❤ Delight in the LORD, delight in the WORD, Delight in Jesus who is LORD of all! PRAISE GOD!

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