The LORD heals

As I started writing this it started going in many directions. it starts off in one subject then branches out into another.  Maybe someone will read it all the way to the end. I know it is long. but since there are so many subjects in it. it may be a blessing to someone. I pray it is anyways! This is a branch off of this, Feeble hands.  I almost want to call this part two. But I did not. If I lay my hands on people and am given power to heal, How greater are hands that are lifted to the ONE that gives power?!


Lord you know I can not type. I type two fingers looking down. I can not speak proper English.  Use these feeble hands God! I can not write perfect. I can write 120 words a minute with errors (is that something to brag about?) and even then I still make mistakes. no matter how many times I read it. and also God why should I go? there are many better. Many more studied.  I tried to argue with God. When the Lord told me to write a decade back, these are the things I said to God. and God spoke to me. Speak. It does not matter. I will give you the Words. I am with you. and so I listened. Even though I said to my self I don’t want to go. They will laugh at me. they will call me names.

They will not hear. Who am I? and I did not say these things out loud. I thought them in my head. then I heard a Voice that said, “I heard you.”  and I was sad. I guess I am dumb, I never knew God could hear my thoughts. and I thought that and God spoke. “Not only can I hear your thoughts, I can give you a sentence that will silence the room.” I doubted and believed at the same time. I really had to see it with my own eyes. and God said go I will prove it. I was sent all over youtube and I watched an argument (the first of many to come) and it was getting comments like every second.

They were all fighting. and again God spoke. I can silence a crowd with just one sentence. I can end all arguing.  and God spoke, speak this. and my friends it was one sentence. and I waited for a response. I thought for sure God was lying and I sat for three days watching and not one comment in fact it was not til many months later a few people would comment.

and so it begin. So God spoke to me that before I actually knew it. and I wrote all over. I said all things God told me to. I went back to visit the places I had spoke and all them spoke a new thing. it was so wonderful! and honestly I am glad that season is over. But I say this not for people to exalt me, I honestly don’t even care who believes. I write these things because honestly I believe in God. I believe the Word was given to men and it is instilled with in us.

And many will call God their conscience. many will call God their sixth sense. many will call God karma, and many will hear God’s Voice. For the Holy Spirit is with in us. But honestly we are all tested. God knows each one of us. God knows the future. God spoke to me things that did not happen until 20 years later. sometimes things happen in a matter of seconds. it is truly crazy to witness. Even my friends speak the same thing.  man Michelle that is crazy, at first we don’t believe then it happens. Man that is not crazy, THAT IS GOD!!! But GOD really is shocking to witness!!

God gave the Word to me before I read it and left evidence of it all through my life. The bible was made by God giving Words to men. How do you know if it’s God’s Word? For the Holy Spirit bares witness AND GOD’S SPIRIT IS TRUTH! God can not be faked. Imitated. duplicated. There is only GOD my friends and in earth as it stands now and will be until earth is destroyed with fire, and even after, JESUS is the way to LIFE and that is truth minus people’s religions and traditions friends.

Church was never suppose to be a show people put on for people. it was about the homeless. it was about the needy.   Many people argue tithes but who ever ask God why tithes were created? Who ever really studies scriptures? and if it was so, then you would be as Jesus and never really speaking against such things.

I know that is what Jesus taught me my friends. it was about praise, it was about worship, it was about orphans and needy. It was about not abandoning people, giving honor to God our Creator. Our healer. our Provider. It was never suppose to be about pictures, rituals, riches, since when can these things buy us into heaven? Thank God for JESUS! For breaking the chains of those laws. Taking those leashes off us! Opening our eyes to truth! Thank you JESUS!

God did not come to take away the Commands that have been spoken. God came to abolish law that keep people in bondage. True churches of God give to the homeless. they feed the poor and if people did pay tithes that should be easy to accomplish.  But hey a lot of pastors are not doing Right by God and honestly this is why Jesus came the first time. and truth be told there was only a second coming were God promised to rise us up on earth my friends. and Judgement starts with in the House of God.


So much judgement written in the Word that will come on pastors and it is hardly spoken. but then pastors use the same Word and judge us people. That is blasphemy of the Holy Ghost and it shall not go unpunished! Neither has it went unseen. Our faith should not lay in tithing either. Go read parables. examine scripture. look at the little the poor woman gave. examine our hearts my friends.

That is why God came. To lead us to freedom. To be our Shepherd. I pray if their be pastors out their preaching the Gospel, collecting funds under false intentions, I pray God convict your heart. help you turn your mind around and deliver you from a reprobate mind. for I mean truly God did not call us to build up mansions and leave others broken. Not the GOD I know anyways! and Jesus DID NOT DO THOSE THINGS! So I speak again blasphemy of the Holy Ghost WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

We are in the season God is separating the goat from the sheep. and truly it is written who is who. Who will go down justified and who won’t. parables were written for understanding. I pray many sit with Jesus. better to bow now then to be one of the ones left here who cry out to God and God will never hear those prayers. (cries, there will be moaning and weeping and gnashing of teeth.)

Two times those cries will happen. One is from those who die before the Lord’s return and never found their Savior in LIFE (prayers (cries) from the graves), and the other cries are from those who are stuck in earth when God comes riding a ball of fire and God’s Spirit will be taken away and we will be caught up with the LORD and all remaining will see the great tribulation and you will find your permanent home.

Hell was created for evil. and before the seven years happen The LORD will remove the Holy Spirit. and without LIFE there is only death and hades and the one who it was created for and all remaining will see they have chosen the gods they created. and the third woe will be; Woe to them who did not heed the Words God spoke to them. for no man goes to hell blind my friends. They pick it by their own choice and then their eyes will be open to the gods they all sought after.

There will be no more life. there will be no more love. Just what people created when they hardened their hearts to God, and just as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah there will be no coming back, as the days of Noah. They will scream and scream and not one prayer will be heard. those are the same screams for the ones stuck in hell.

Earth will be their final resting place and in fire they will burn for eternity. these are the things God spoke to me and I believe as I saw it in a vision as I was a kid. Since then I have had so many visions.

I had the vision of Ezekiel before I even read Ezekiel. God spoke to me, and honestly it came from I was crying speaking to God about my vision I had when as a kid only it was many years later and God spoke to me, can I give a valley of dead bones new life? and Honestly my reply was God in my heart. I believe you could save everyone on planet earth. I believe that is the God I serve, I believe that is who you are. but I know not if that is your will. But yes God I do believe.

I believe you created man and woman out of dust. So i would easily believe you could rise up a valley of dead bones and create them into a living man and woman. I just said to myself; “God could put flesh and bone on them and make them a new man and woman if God wanted. i believe that.” but those parts I did not speak to God, only thought them.

I laugh at myself I never knew God could hear thoughts. I believed God could do that so God spoke to me, I am going to send you all over and I am going to speak life to my people. So I spoke the things God told me and again I visited later and man God was so true to God’s Words.

I am sorry God for anything I ever doubted. anything I never could believe. I am sorry I ran from you in my younger years. I am thankful for everything that has ever happened to me. the good. the bad, the ugly. through sickness and health. When I was without shelter you lead me to shelter! You truly are my Provider! My Healer! My Comforter! the ONE in whom I put all my trust.

If there are any filled with hatred, any who are bitter, any who come to my page and resent me in any type of way. I pray God heal your mind. I pray God replace all things rotten and bitter that are holding you down. I pray God perform a mighty miracle in your life. I pray God just do all things God has done for me to you to my friends. I am not angered at any. I have done wrongs and lately I have not and to any I have harmed, I apologize if I have offended you. I am offended by none and truth be told it is only because God healed my mind.

I pray God heal you as God has me. For the Word of God does truly set us free and it is a delight to just be at peace! I love you guys! have a wonderful day in God. Written by Michelle Stokes. for the glory of God. I lift my feeble hands for your glory GOD!


I believe the Words God spoke to me my friends. I have had too many times in my life to see the evidence of it.  I do not say these things to be any prophet.for truth be told, I don’t want those problems!! Just being honest. I am not a leader. I just love Jesus and if I lead any, I pray I lead us to God and I will teach you things that can help you grow. but I don’t want to be any crutch. it is time for us to put down our crutches and just walk with God friends.  Rise up and walk dear people. I’m walking with GOD, who wants to walk with me? lets run to the race. lets walk. LET’S REST IN THE LORD!


I pray many of us mediate, study, delight, seek the scriptures. let us delight in it friends and may it be a full body healing to any who listen. Let it be LIFE UNTO US!  Have a Wonderful day dear people!


P.S i read this many times. and the more I read it, the more I added to it. I will come back and check it for error later. I pray God give people understanding even if I made error.

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