Don’t Be Surprised!

Don’t be surprised when you start praying in your closet, when you start confessing your sins to God, when you start speaking to God like God is our Father, Don’t be surprised when strange things happen!! Don’t be amazed when random strangers come and speak to you your prayers. Don’t be alarmed or dismayed but with open lips PRAISE GOD!  Don’t believe in coincidences. Start giving GOD praises for loving you and answering. Years I prayed and after such, I saw strange stuff happen and because of ignorance to God’s Word. I did not know the truth of it. God bares witness my friends.


An old testament name God has is LORD of Host. God can speak through a donkey if GOD wanted to! I believe that! Don’t be surprised when it seems you are talking to GOD and start witnessing amazing things! Start THANKING JESUS! God will prove God my friends I learned that in my walk with God and actually even the bible says so. Don’t be surprised when you say prayers and miracles start happening!!!  That is only natural with GOD!


I praise GOD for this knowledge!! help many praise the Lord sooner then I did. because it is truth God will bare witness of GOD friends! I seen it way too many times to doubt! Love you guys. Time for us to find out who Our Father is. GOD is Creator of all things and Jesus spoke I and my Father are ONE and for those who can not believe that. Believe God handed all things over to JESUS. Both are written in the WORD. Both are truth! Shalom dear people!

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