Broken Faith

Dear God. I pray restore to us great faith. help your people see your face. Shine down your countenance to us. We need a demonstration of your Holy Spirit God. give the people a reason to sing. Give them a reason to praise. Restore to us a heart of worship oh God. Rise us up. I pray you GOD manifest yourself in to the reader. build up a great army of people who will not be shaken. Who will not be stirred or moved by the words and deeds others have done. Instead let your Word be a Great Light(Lamp) unto us!

Release us from our emotions. help us rise up above them. Restore to us the joy of the LORD. Fill us with your Wisdom GOD. Grant healing to any who come to this. let it be a testimony of GOD who never changes! GOD who is with us. GOD who just IS!

I praise you GOD! I worship you! I speak of your mighty works for I know GOD you are able to perform this! Such a small thing is is for GOD to change the hearts of people.

Lord it is written if you have faith the size of a mustard seed mountains shall be moved. GOD with great faith I pray, not wavering or murmuring, neither complaining but with great faith I speak my prayers in the open knowing with you all things are possible! Move us people God for some of us are like mountains and I know GOD only you can move them! I pray GOD to you and you alone. hear my prayers, and fulfill them GOD and I believe it will be done. For it is the will of GOD for us to honor GOD and these things were and are LIFE to us! Breathe into our nostrils a new spirit GOD restore faith to your people. bring them back to remembrance of you GOD in Jesus name Amen!

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