A True confession.

I went outside and I was praying. I was talking to God. I said Lord. Help some find you God. Not by my testimony but if you can use it God. For you know all things I do is not for my glory but yours God. I just want you to sit as King. As I was praying this, up came the paper  boy delivering papers. And he was singing this song. I had to listen. I thought I was hearing things. And man this is the song that kid was singing. I am in tears typing this. I love you Jesus. Not by my works, my deeds, my anything but by your blood. your name and Your Holy Spirit God.

Please don’t put GOD in a box

Please don’t put GOD in a box. It is foolish to try and say we comprehend the thoughts of our Maker. To say we know God’s plans, To say we know God’s thoughts is truly impossible. We can say what we believe. we can speak what we know to be true but to say I know what God thinks is just a lie my friends.

GOD is not confined in the church walls. GOD is not hidden in stones. GOD is SPIRIT which is invisible and does not even have sex. It is wise to consider GOD as our Father, for truly this can be proven that GOD has treated people as Children since GOD created them. because people are God’s creation. Which would make GOD our Father.

So many say this is impossible. That can’t happen and they lean on their own flesh, their own thoughts, their own understanding. please stop putting GOD in a box and telling us GOD thinks as people. if GOD thought as us, or us as GOD, would we not be making people? Would we be creating universes? I mean if we thought like GOD, would we not have these same thoughts? Would we not be able to create a new earth? and even make men and woman? Now I understand they are cloning but who can clone the soul? Or can create new planets? Who can give dead things new life? Is that people or GOD?

There are some who walk planet earth and they have put GOD in a box and others left GOD to sit on a shelf. like their bibles. just sitting there collecting dust. others would try and confine GOD in objects and that is just foolishness. The one who made objects CAN NOT BE CONFINED TO OBJECTS! Neither can you contain GOD in a box. God is not a mystery or a puzzle. GOD says sin not and when men disobey GOD they come up with all kind of wicked imaginations to take away the true desire that is all ready planted in them. Just whether or not they will listen or do they think they are GOD. God laughs!!

Ok, if you are gods then please imitate GOD and make a new planet, a new people and all things GOD created. Until we can do such things I pray all people lean not on their own understanding and in all ways acknowledge GOD then perhaps we might be able to comprehend God’s thinking. Maybe just a little, but again no person on planet earth thinks as GOD and that is truth beloveds. I pray these true words help many come to terms to who us people are, and who GOD is. Those are my prayers friends! Shalom and have a blessed wonderful day!

the first and the last

Ok this is the last video I will share today. I was not going to post anything but someone asked me some questions on my youtube channel as I said in this video which is part one of three. This is the final part-final thought. part 2 can be found here.

This is the third part of two videos I made today. it was just a final random thought. made me laugh so i decide to share it. God bless the person who came to my page and asked questions. these videos only are because of that. I pray they bless any who listen. have a blessed day dear people! Shalom!

Names of God

The second part of this I will be uploading in a day or two. This was a response to something I was asked on my youtube channel. Just speaking the things I know. I do pray they be a blessing to someone, in Jesus name Amen!  Please make a note this is just part one. I will add to this a little bit.

In response to a question I was asked. I recorded this. Not sure I ever answered the question, or did I? Either way I pray the listener’s day is blessed! Actually think I will add on to this video at a later time. I truly did not say all things I wanted but for the time being here is some things I believe, I truly pray it bless the listener. Shalom dear people!