My testimony. Raped

I pray these words give someone out there what they need to go forward. This is a third part of these two videos. My testimony. Suicide part 1My testimony- Suicide part 2. To get the full meaning you might want to watch them all. i truly believe they are worth watching if you are broken and feeling down. let my days cheer you up.  Pity does not solve anything but the stories of others overcoming is a great help to those in need. Shalom dear people!

This will lead into other testimony I will do at another time. I pray this testimony help people. it is part of a series I am doing about real life testimony. It may be a story I tell but it is also a life I lived through! meaning this is not a story but a true testimony!

My testimony- Suicide part 2

This is the closing part of my testimony. I have a lot of pieces I will add to this later. i truly do pray these messages bless even one! have a wonderful day dear people! You can find part one here. I will be adding a lot more videos on my testimony. i am not sure how many hours of stories I have but my whole life is one story only this is not a story it is my life and I truly pray these words be a helpmate and a comfort and lead you to the Comforter in Jesus name Amen!  Have a blessed day dear people!

My testimony. Suicide part 1

Ok so this started off as one video and went into something else. This is part one of three. I pray whoever sees this come back and watch them all. They will all be added sometime today. Although I label these stories. they are not stories. This is my life. Whether you believe or not it is true. and I speak them praying they help someone out there like the former me. I am not speaking them for perfect people. I am speaking to a broken generation. people like the former me and I pray these true confessions help someone like the former me. God there are many people out there like me. please God let these videos land on their lap and draw them into you Kingdom. for your glory, and honor and for LIFE unto them. I believe God if you can change someone like me I truly believe you can change any. Hear my prayers God in Jesus name Amen!