The Best thing on planet earth!

I now write for fun. I use to write for urgency because God spoke to me to speak and I am so thankful that season is over!!! When I first started writing for God hardly any spoke what I spoke and now the message is all over! THANK GOD!  Although I was like Jonah I was not, for I told God if they repented I would be so happy. But honestly I was like Moses. God there are people who speak better then me, and God told me to go anyways and I did. and they heard me!!! and it was such a blessing!!!


Now I write to pass time. I write about the things I love. I love God and I love giving my friends advice that I believe helps us go forward.  So that is what I am doing now. I will tell anyone looking for religion go to church. In fact go to many churches if you want. I know I have and honestly it was a true blessing to me!!! I pray it be blessings to others too.


You know the best thing on planet earth is to me? it is staying home and worshiping God and about a month ago God told me I could come home and be myself THANK YOU GOD!  I tell you when I say it is a delight for me to pray. it is delight for the Word to be spoken. I listen to it constantly. Not because any are watching or because I am trying to impress anyone. but because it is my peace and happiness! and that is TRUTH  friends!


I would not ever go without God in my life again, I been down that road before and I won’t travel down it again.  In fact my goals have been about making my time more about God. But honestly I am spending private time with God because honestly I love it!! God truly is like my husband. My relationship! God is all my time!  and that is what marriages are.  and honestly I am so thankful to have it this way!


The people have free will and I have done so much work in my life I can sit the rest of my days and God would be happy with me, that is what God told me and I believe God for nobody knows the things I have done, and did but God does know! and truth be told the things God spoke to me have been a huge blessing to me!


Everyone wants to preach at people. But the best thing in the world is to just pray. feast off the Word sit with God and before you know it, God will bring people to you to witness to. This is how it has been in my life. and honestly I do not speak such things over my page because honestly I told God if it is your will bring people to me if not God I will happily sit with you alone.  I was reading a blogging page and that made me smile. Blog because you like it. Blog about what you like. and so I am! and this is not about crowds, fame or fortune. I truly pray even one be blessed by the things I write even if I am that  one. When I get on camera and talk about  God I am doing this for others not me but honestly I have conversations with God all day so basically I am inviting you into my private time when I share stuff and I truly pray by doing such it bring someone closer to God.


Sit with God. God wants a relationship. Not a once a week offering. Not a show for others to see. God wants our hearts. Repenting with our hearts will create change one can not fake. Instead of speak about end times. or religions. or even me hand feed your scriptures I pray we all can examine our hearts and get Right with God.


God has answered so many of my prayers. I seen many who never knew the Lord now praise God and honestly I know it is because of God but it sure is nice when they tell me thank you Michelle. Your words were true. Thank you for helping me. and if God never answered another one of my prayers I would spend the rest of my life thanking God for all things God did answer! and that is truth!  I tell you I am so thankful!


It is also such a blessing to now see so many I know reading their bible and listening to new music and so many of them now have peace! Thank you God for answering a woman like me and my prayers!  Now I am just going to rest in the Lord and wait and rejoice, and sing and praise because that is where my heart is! I will also pray for those who labor delivering the Word!! even sinners, in fact all sinners. I am like Anna I love to pray and fast but my temple is not buildings made by men. People think nobody was saved before Jesus. Why was Mary Chosen? Why was John delivering a message before the Messiah came? How did these people speak to God before Jesus died on the cross? I do pray many people think and consider such things.


It is one thing to be taught by a pastors and religion then totally different thing to be taught by God. John had a message the churches did not get. Why? I pray many people come to deeper understanding and truth be told it is not something people can teach but God will teach it and I believe that!  For it is written in the last days there would be no more teachers for their Teacher would be God and I do believe the Word!


Either way this was a random thought. testimony, whatever people want to call it! The best thing on planet earth is Jesus and honestly it is my pure delight to sit and sup with Jesus!  Truly priceless! I truly believe all people should sit and spend some alone time with Jesus. Just my thoughts my friends. even my prayers because then many would be saved, healed and delivered.  That is my beliefs! Have a blessed wonderful day dear people! Thank you any who listened! 🙂

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