Raw Undefiled Word

A lot of people lust after many things. I tell you lately my lust is purely after God. I lust the Word. I crave it! I yearn for it! I seek it! I hunger for it! I want to give it all my attention! All my time! I would marry it if I could! Haha! Sorry that makes me smile!

Some people lust after devotionals. Some lust after pastors. Some lust after bible college. I lust after the Undefiled Word. I do confess many things on this planet have been a delight and even edifying for my soul but I tell you my desires is the Undefiled Word!

Not the study notes. or the commentary. but the Word all by itself. the WORD is so powerful! it is edifying to do so many things when we walk with God but I tell you when I say I lust after the Undefiled Word. I appreciate Psalm 119!!! It is one of my favorite Chapters!!! ❤ I say that about so many chapters but no I do love this Psalm!!! In my opinion it is one of the best Chapters to stand by itself!! ❤

Just a random thought. #ThinkingAboutMyBible! 😀

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