Bible Journaling

So as I spoke in this video I was considering doing bible jornaling because I journal anyways and I explained a few other things in that video. Might be worth watching. But as a continuance from that video I said i was going to purchase two new bibles and also. That I was trying to redo the way I journal. I am tired of the spirals I am collecting. So was going to do something more productive. As I was looking at a bible review video this one was suggested for me. and I just think this is amazing. I am probably going to do something like this.  It is a great idea I think. and truth be told kind of what I had in mind not exactly but close enough. Maybe perhaps when I finish I will share what I went with. I just appreciate the time this lady took creating this video I sure did enjoy it!  Thank you God for people who give us knowledge to help us grow. Just think this was a blessing! So I share it. 🙂





5 thoughts on “Bible Journaling

  1. Think that is going to be my bible I get myself this year for Christmas. i don’t really celebrate this holiday except I know Christ was born on some day. I am well aware Christ was not born on December 25. but this year i think I will gift myself and get this bible! I can not wait! I mention in my butterfly video that I was ordering two new bibles and this was one of them! I truly think I am lusting after this bible! Can’t wait to own it!


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