What are you doing tonight?

it is Saturday and I am having a party with Jesus! I remember when I use to party with my friends. I remember when I turned up drugs and drinks and this is all I can say to that! Going to sing and dance with Jesus tonight! ❤ I just don't want to go back to any of that. I was in the Word earlier. I tell you just something about being in God's presence!!! Sitting in the Word. praising and singing songs! This is the good life! Thank you JESUS! To some this may sound boring but the rewards man! PRICELESS! There was a time in my life I thought I could not live with out drugs. Live without drinks. Stay home and read the bible? praise Jesus? OH NO WAY! and man I sure was down when I ran from God. Just so happy to be here today. Happy to have this mind set. Thank you JESUS! I won't go back!!! won't go back to the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy it use to be before your presence changed me! I also love another one of these guys songs I will share in the comments in fact it is just song time. Going to share a few songs. But not until or after I sing them or as I sing them! 😀

11 thoughts on “What are you doing tonight?

  1. I give myself away so you can use me God. More of you!! less of me. I must decrease so that God may increase God’s will in me. have your way with my life oh God. i give myself away to you God. use me oh God! here I am! Cleanse me of all things not of you God. Heal my thoughts, all my unrighteous thoughts I give to you God. Change me. create me into something you can use and be proud of God. I give myselffffffffffff awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I give my self away so you can use me!!!!


  2. ^ This is one of the songs God lead to me and I cried my heart out to God. hereeeeeee I am. Down on my knees again! Surrendering all. Find me here Lord as you draw me near. I’m desperate for youuuuuu! Desperate for you. I surrender!!! I want to know you more ! I want to know more! drench my soul as mercy and grace unfold I hunger and thirst! With arms stretched wide I know you hear my cry! Speak to me now!!!


  3. Give it all to God my friends. what ever is bothering you, whatever weakness you have, any trial you are going through cast it all on the Lord’s shoulder. Speak to God. cry if you have to, sing God songs. lament with your heart. pray for strength, ask God to write you a new beginning and pray for strength! I pray these words help somebody out there listening. The Lord bless you and keep you and bring you to God. Lord I offer I offer my life to you. All that I am, all that i have, I lay them down before you Lord. All my regrets! all my acclaim. the joy and the pain I’m makinggggg them yours!…Things in the pastttttt. Things yet unseen. Wishes and dreams that have yet to come true. All of my hopes, all of my plans. my heart and my hands are lifted to youuuuuuu! Lord I offer my life to you. Everything I’ve been through use it for your glory!


  4. ^ Says a lot… I believe that. As old as the song is the WORDS LIVE! So many different forms of music that can really draw you into a relationship with God. there is so many different forms of Christian God music and it can really move you! or sure does me anyways! Thankful for praise music! Only music I listen to anymore and truth be told I never want to go back to any other form(er) of music again. I won’t go back. won’t go back to the way I use to be before your presence changed me! AMEN! ❤


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