Wake up and give thanks

Lately my mood for years now has been unstoppable. and honestly I believe it is because for years now I jump out of bed and I give God thanks. I have to listen to songs and praises. I do this pretty much everyday. I lift up my voice I thank God. I don’t even feel complete if I don’t thank God and honestly ever since I been doing this it does not matter what day I have. because it seems that my praises in the AM sustain me all through the day.


When situations arise through the day I say Jesus be with me. Jesus help me get through this. Jesus give me power not to say a word at all. Man I have seen the power in praise. the power in prayer. The power in the WORD. I thank God for His power. I wouldn’t be without it!  it made me whole. it completes me. and I am so thankful to God for changing me!!! I was miserable before I did these things and now I am so happy I don’t ever want to change!!


My happiness was not in drugs. it was not in relationships. it was not in friends nor family. My happiness is in God and man it is the best thing in the world I ever found!!!!! ❤  and I seriously wouldn’t give it up for anyone! Instead I pray many people find it. Those are my prayers. have a wonderful day dear people. I am off to go exercise and prayerfully soon I can get on a schedule of some kind. I am getting to the end of my set of goals I set up and now it is time to get more serious. and set new ones! 🙂

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