Restore Us O God

Amen! Nehemiah has been in my heart for days! restore to us the joy of our salvation. Restore to us all things in your Holy Name I pray Amen!

Restoration Theology

The word “restoration” is found around 129 times in the Bible. The word implies that there is a standard, the standard has been changed, and that we should go back to the standard.

The 80th Psalm is a prayer for restoration. The Psalmist recognized that the people had so sinned as to be punished and forsaken by God. By their continued sin, God was angered with them (Ps. 80:4-6). God had punished them because of their sin.

The Psalmist prayed that the people would be restored. In verse 3 and in verse 7 and in verse 19 he said, “Restore us, O God; let your face shine, that we may be saved!” The refrain tells us that sin can take us away from God. If we weren’t taken away from God, the relationship would not need to be restored. We also see that we can go back to God through…

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