Planted in the garden

In the midnight hour.

No more pain, no more sour.


No more hurt, no more fears.

Thank you God for wiping away my tears.


In the mist of your garden I sat and wept.

Fountains of tears that were kept.


You collected them as I shed them

One by one you replaced them


Buckets they filled. Rivers they ran down my cheek.

Oceans they created and you kept them and in my time of need, you gave them back.


Take this water and never thirst again. These tears I have collected for this time.


He gave them back!!! I am no longer thirsty!  He purified them!! Took away all the salt and bitterness and returned it to my well!! Fresh and clean and wonderful enough to drink! When I was thirsty God gave me drink. When I was hungry God said sit with me. Sup with me. delight in all my ways and I will delight in you and together we will feast and dine and honestly. thank God for this sunshine!!!


In my life that is what I needed in my dark hour. I needed to be that woman who sat at the well. In the garden I shed tears. I never thought God would see me. I never thought God would see all these things the devil tried to steal from me. God saw and said. Freely I give you my peace, my water, Drink until you thirst no more. let it restore all things bitter, all things rotten, may God replace all those things and give you a fresh well to drink

May our wells be planted in the garden right next to the Tree of Life. May we eat from the tree and drink the Living Waters and may God restore to us His Holy communion so we may be at peace in God’s presence here on earth and after.  These are my words. created by God. I pray they be a blessing to any in their hour of darkness, and may you be a rose planted that never dies, or fades but shines for God all your days.


May we be like the Son and never lose our salt or flavor. may we be like the Sun (Son) that shines unto us. may we be like trees planted in God’s garden. may we be vines that don’t get cut off but may all things we do produce fruit for God’s glory, God’s name, and even the souls of us people. Have a wonderful day dear people! Written by Michelle Stokes

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