God is in the restoration business!

God is in the restoration business! Hallelujah!. God is in the healing business! THANK YOU JESUS! God’s divine nature is bigger then any can imagine! THAT IS WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS! man that makes me feel like dancing! ❤ I will open my lips and give God in the heavens my praises. I will sing songs to my Beloved! I will honor you oh God. I will magnify Your Name. restore your Holy Temple with in us. let many of us be instruments in your orchestra God!! and may we make a sound noise so the people can see. So the angels can hear, and so God in heaven may sing with us and say. My Children you have all made me happy!!! Well done my Faithful Children!

Who wants to be on the list of the ones pleasing to GOD? I DO!I DO!! *waves hands* SHOUTS OUT! Waves my hands in the air! HERE I AM!

praise the Lord all who know GOD. My the air praise God. may the sea, the wind, the trees, all the animals, EVEN THE PEOPLE!! PRAISE GOD MY FRIENDS! For the whole world will bow to His Name and it is so much better to get in God’s presence and bow because you want to. Instead of those who will bow later and God will say I never knew you. As long as we are alive we can repent. We can sing to God, we can honor, We can pray God give me strength to turn my life around in Jesus name Amen!

Give us new names, new songs, new ways oh God. Turn us from old things and create us into new creation. Create us into Children who make you proud, God. Have your will with us people. A great multitude of us God. open our eyes so we can see your face. let us not be ashamed give us strength and may we forever call on your name and lift it up and give thanks before all people and tell them God saves. God heals, God delivers, and if GOD DID IT FOR ME, GOD CAN DO IT FOR ANY WILLING! My beliefs!!! Have a wonderful blessed day dear people! ❤

I know not what others are doing but as for me myself and I!!! I am rejoicing in GOD daily and IT IS WONDERFUL FRIENDS! I tell you it is a truth when I say best thing in my life I ever do, and did and it is written THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE! and so it did and has and I am excited to speak if God did it for me, I believe God can do it for any willing. That is my testimony!

Written by Michelle Stokes. because I love God with my whole heart and I truly pray it shows! Lord let my love for you reflect IN EVERYTHING I DO in Jesus name Amen! have a blessed wonderful day dear people. GOD IS WONDERFUL! My Prince of Peace. God told me I AM! and I said YES YOU ARE INDEED! ❤

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