How long will you be tired?

I watched a lot of people in my life. We all get tired. I watched many people tired of things for many years and even me. I am guilty of such things. This is why I am speaking on it. So many times I watched people in the same problems ten years. Complaining does not solve anything. in fact it seems it adds unto a bitter spirit. Just an observation I have made in my life.

A lot of times in my life I could not relate to people because they try and offer advice on things they never been through. and I do not pretend to go through all things. but I know I have lived through a lot. A lot of things were from things I did to my self and others were from things people done to me.

It does not matter what was done to you. I know in the Word Jesus speaks of forgiveness. in my life nothing ever happened until I forgave. Then after you forgive time to move on. Or consider your life. Unless people get tired. and I mean really tired. Change hardly happens. not hardly any rise and get things done.

the art of journaling. The beauty of hobbies. The genuine good feeling you receive from accomplishing things. Sit down and grab a pen. Write the things in your life you enjoy. write the things you can’t stand.

Examine your self. this is the part where I had to pray. I had to seek God. I did not have a plan. God I need your help. A lot of people have stinking thinking. We make excuses. We lean on laziness. We justify the things we do. We wait around for the next guy. We use our life to get sympathy. We use our hard times to self destruct. We want everyone’s pity. But man seriously like so many in the world have your problems or worst. This is true for almost everyone. We can all find some one worst then us. So many live like they want to die.

That’s fine but what if you live? What if life changes? Can life change? What if you changed your thinking? So many motivational speakers. so many self helps. and I honestly use to laugh at them folks. I am not strong. I am weak. I am barely standing on two feet. “You don’t know my life” They say. But I do.

The streets are rough. Times are hard. You don’t know my life. I had to do it, they made me. Look what they did to me. I just want to erase the guilt. I want to make all the pain go away. What ever we say to ease our minds into submission of our vices, our evil, our wickedness. our sins, our flesh.

I prayed to God for help. One by one God started healing me. Changing me. Somethings took time. Others did not happen over night. The more I sat with God the more I grew in life. I am so glad I am weak I said to those motivational speakers. Because when I had the I can mentality. It was not working well for me. I found being weak is way better then being strong. being weak, being broken, being a cry baby to God restored my life! Restored my mind!

Dear God please restore the faith to us people again. Shine your face upon a great multitude of people. a new generation and even some of the old. let them find restoration. let them find grace. let them find healing. Speak life unto them God. deliver us people. Give us strength to walk away from our temptations to not be afraid to stand up and give us a new day God.

I pray for all the ones who know you not and even those who do. Build up Your Nation GOD! Restore us to Your People God in Jesus name Amen! I love you guys! The best Motivational Speaker on planet earth is JESUS!

I don’t know about anyone else. I am not dead. and I am not where I want to be yet. But each day I am alive. God I thank you for moving forward. I thank you for waking me today. I thank you for another opportunity to go forward. Then I pray for strength and a whole bunch of other things. I suggest many get a prayer life. That is what made me believe. Soooo many stories of people praying in the bible. I just think it really good advice to read some of the stories. see how they prayed. and perhaps pray as they prayed. just what I consider good advice.

Whether or not you believe as me. I do know this to be true; You can’t go east walking west. Not walking in a straight path unless moving in a circle. either way, a different path leads to another direction. Food for thought! Shalom!

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