It’s real

Depression is real. Suicide is real.  Sorrow is real. life is hard. Life can change. I pray many out there today start to look at life a different way. All people are born knowing they will die one day. it is a fact of life. nobody on earth knows when their time will come.


I am old now and I realize as I did as a kid but I have such a deeper understanding now and I am sure as long as you don’t lose it, you probably know so much more at 80 then you do forty and 40 year olds laugh at twenty year olds who think they know everything. So I fully confess I don’t know everything but I do know a lot more then I did years ago.


To me I have seen many people in my life. Some have labels and others don’t, but I seen all people I know it seems go through some dark hour. When they want to quit. or get tired. or even want to end their life. I seen many stop functioning. other pick up drugs. and self abuse our self in the many numerous ways there is to self abuse our self.


I love people. I had that life. I could of, should of quit a millions of times. I wanted to. I tried. I thank God for intervening. I seriously do. I have memories I never could of had if I had not of kept going. I had many years of joy since those dark days. I have learned by reading the Book of Ecclesiastes which helped me so much in life! Life is full of seasons my friends. it is not about being easy. and when you have easy you should really take time and thank God because at any second you can lose easy.  Then many will call on God at their worst. P.S. you might not want to enjoy “too” much wine. as the book of Ecclesiastes does mention to enjoy wine. But there is a lot of understanding in that Book of the Bible! Too much wine makes you a drunkard and that is not productive.


I say it is good habit to call on God always. In all things I have learned to thank God. being content in everything is good advice but truth be told I consider it wise to live life like you might grow old one day. and I don’t mean by partying your years away.  it is hard trying to start over at an old age. and many young people do dumb things never believing they will be old.


Just food for thought. I know when I was depressed and down and even when I am up now I praise God. I thank God. I once complained and things got worst. Years ago I wanted many people to pray for me and some did and others did not.. I thank God for all the ones that did and even those who did not but best thing in the world was when I started calling on God when I was alone.


If you are depressed and crying might as well take those tears to God and make them count. Even if you don’t believe in God. Say that out loud and talk to God and I pray God show up in your life. I use to talk to God like a crazy woman. I would speak God my heart when I was all alone and then so many times I would say God would not hear somebody like me. My friend those prayers were answered and I truly believe if God answered my prayers he will answer anyone’s who does call on God earnestly.


In my bible it tells me God answers prayers from people like me. I never knew that before when I wasn’t reading. I was just praying. I was tired. I didn’t want to be like I was anymore and I confessed all that stuff to God. I poured my heart out to God. I pray someone out there like the former me do the same thing and you see God in your life as I have. I only speak this because it helped me so much and I truly pray it help others too who are broken. being depressed is terrible. being broken is not good. God is the Potter. and I believe God can create man out of dust of the ground. I also believe God can give a valley of dead bones new life. and honestly I believe that is such a small thing for God to do. Just what I believe. have a blessed day dear people! Ezekiel Chapter 37, and Genesis Chapter 2. Jeremiah Chapter 18. Isaiah Chapter 64. Shalom! ❤

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