I believe in…

I believe in the trinity, as some teach it. and I also believe in the Oneness doctrine. I been in debates when people tell me how can that be they say? or they can not come to understanding as me. I will answer all these questions in one sentence. I believe JESUS works in all things! and I believe IN THE NAME OF JESUS! I believe my bible from beginning to end. I believe Jesus when He says I and my Father are ONE, and even those who doubt, how can you say you believe and take away from Acts Chapter 2. or even take away from the words of JESUS spoken whole? I BELIEVE IN THE NAME OF JESUS! I believe in Jesus and the best thing on this planet came when I sat at my LORD Jesus’ feet. What a true blessing indeed! So WONDERFUL JESUS IS!

MY GOD IS THREE IN ONE! Amen! I BELIEVEEEEEEEEEEEEE! also if you want to see how I believe about the trinity, feel free to use the search bar on my page and type in trinity then you can see what I say (believe) about that. God bless everyone who reads this today! I pray your day is blessed and wonderful and God fill you with peace, a new spirit and a new mind set and all things that work for men’s favor and God’s glory. Those are my prayers. Have a wonderful day dear people! I love you guys and I truly pray the listener be blessed with the joy of the LORD, may the joy of the LORD be restored with in us and give us strength and lead us to LIFE abundantly in Jesus name Amen! ❤ Jesus is the best thing that ever came to planet earth and it would be a shame not to come to understanding of this. That is what I believe!

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