Hey Your Breathe Stinks!

This is a testimony of something that happened as a child. it is also an introduction to my page. I am crossing over to a lot of new things and as someone who is use to her speech I know the things that happen when I speak so I am also adding unto this my beliefs. That way any who don’t want to be here can leave. I do pray some are lead to my page and my words be life savers to you. This video might not be so productive but it’s whole purpose is an introduction. Also I left the comments open. Whether good or bad, it is ok, feel free to have, and keep your opinion. You may also voice them in the open if you want to. I love haters. they motivate me. I love followers. I love likes. I appreciate kind words. I love people who are on my side. I love people of all kinds for whether good or bad they all feed me in positive ways and that is truth! Have a blessed wonderful day dear people and I pray God place the listener in a WONDERFUL MOOD! prayerfully it be today, or tomorrow. or if not, next year or even a year from that. I don’t care when, but I truly want the best for all my friends! and that is truth! I pray God bring the listener much peace of mind those are my prayers! Shalom! Love you guys! ❤

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