My confessions

Hello dear reader. I do not know you but I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michelle. *waves hi!* Nice to meet you!* Over the last decade I have written books of my life. all though my life seems like fairy tale or fiction I assure you they are nonfiction. Which has always confused me. I use to think nonfiction meant, not true because in my mind that seems what makes sense but I know now nonfiction means true. Thank God for growing in understanding!

My life is a story of romance, betrayal. mystery, hard times, battles of the streets. Battle of friends. battle of religions. I have had storms, I have seen miracles and truth be told I have been writing about them for the last decade or so, under many pen names. It has come to the point. I am going to tell my stories on videos. I pray my stories help people because they are not made up. I plan on doing a series I will just label; true confessions, or either my life, Or another odd story by Michelle. (soon to come) Some kind of label I will attach to them but so many stories I have lived in my life. it took me a decade to write about it. But as the decade went by more stories there are to tell. Either way I do pray these new videos I will add help people.

You can judge me. I don’t mind honestly! I pray a bunch of broken people be lead to these true confessions and they help many people. Only time will tell if these prayers are answered. I just write this in the open because many subjects I have written on and I honestly do not know which subject brings people to my page so with that said I pray the reader be blessed by anything I write, say or do and it be life to a great multitude of people.

Either way this was just an opening statement for these are the things soon coming. I thank all those who take time out of their busy days to come and listen, and read my stuff. I prayer your time and my labor are not in vain and that my mishaps help many of us rise up and stand our our own two feet. Those are my prayers. Have a blessed wonderful day and honestly I am thankful for every reader God brings to my page and that is truth! Again I pray you have a wonderful day dear people! Shalom! ❤

A New Day

Man Praise God! I am alive today! Thank you Jesus for waking me today! Years ago I used to hear, “be excited when you come to church. Be excited to see what God is going to bring us!” Amen! It is amazing how that mentality grew in me. Today I wake and everyday for awhile now I am excited to see what the Lord has planned!!!

Sometimes when I write people imagine I have a perfect life. but I as people have days just as others. I have things that go on, that years ago would of stole my joy. it would of had me down but today I take each challenge as it is. I say ok Lord lets do it! I got this! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! ❤ Amen! WHAT WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS! and I am excited to speak it through out the land. Philippians 4:13

In the motivation speaker post I shared, that lady said, “Restore to me the joy of my salvation! “AMEN! I might not of said that prayer exactly but I did pray God don’t let the devil or anyone steal my joy ever again God in Jesus name Amen! What a blessing it was and is to have said that prayer and I am thankful the LORD has answered!!!!


My friends life is not about being easy. it is about persevering. it is about not giving up. it is about what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I would of fainted had I not seen the goodness of God on this earth and that is truth!  Matthew 24:13, James 1:12. Psalm 27


I pray many of us endure to the end. For those who are weak, may we pray for strength to go forward, to overcome and resist and put on the armor of God so we can withstand anything the enemy tries to bring to us!  Not today devils get behind me! I pray the reader be blessed with joy, strength and wisdom. return to us the joy of our salvation in Jesus name Amen!  Have a blessed day dear people! I AM EXCITED TO SEE WHAT GOD HAS PLANNED! Ephesians 6:10-18