Virgin Birth?

So when I say I am a bible believer one of the most things I hear often is, So you believe in the virgin birth? and Honestly I confess for one time if I had any doubts about the bible this would of been about the only one. I prayed to God. I said God I want to believe all things in the bible. For I believe you are with me. I know the thing in my life that you have done. But I confess a virgin birth God? Help me believe. I cried to God. and honestly that night as I went to sleep I had a vision and God spoke to me. So how is it you can believe Adam just got here but you can not believe I have come of my own? and I was awoke.

Honestly ever since I never doubted any part of my bible. I actually thought and considered such things. it is true we can believe Adam (people) just came here out of nowhere but God can not conceive of God’s own? and truth be told that was all I needed to end the doubt. I pray these words help end someone else’s doubt as it did mine. for honestly the miracle birth is such a small part of the bible. it would be a shame for that small thing to be a stumbling block for you to trip and not find the path. For God would want us to find the truth of the Word.

The truth of the Word is so much deeper then a virgin birth. But is is about Jesus who it is wise to listen to, and sit and pay attention. be like a disciple and really study. that is my advice. I consider it strong.

So now when people come to me and say you believe in the virgin birth? I say So Adam just magically got here did He not? and I smile and there is nothing left to be said after that. That’s what I believe. Faith is about believing the things you can not see. and all things on earth work in faith one way or the other. My faith is in JESUS!

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