Irrational Thinking

The Word of God has so many lessons about sin. it teaches about sloth. it teaches about drunkards. it teaches about fornication and when I have pondered on the Word, when I prayed. when I considered. when I sought God with all my heart I came to understanding why God tells us not to sin.


It is not because God is on some power trip. it is not because God hates us and wants us to be miserable. it is because sin causes death. Yes we all die but truthfully the odds are greater for life when we don’t sin. So many things in the Word are considered sin and all this sin can bring you down and even cause destruction. other sin keeps you trapped in bondage.  A couple years ago I was writing a whole bunch of message about sin, and why we don’t do it.  I seriously think i will bring these messages back around.


I have decided to tie this into irrational thinking. irrational thinking is doing the first thing that comes to mind without any thought of the repercussions of our actions. I think I am going to bring back some of this teaching.   I believe in marriage. I believe God wants us married because God knows each human being craves affection from others. and God did not want us to be alone. Also God knew that there would be a time when sex with many partners would be death to us. This is why I believe God designed marriage..

in the beginning God mad Eve for Adam there was not many just the two and they stayed together until death. and honestly I do believe that is the way God intended. besides a blood transfusion people may not ever receive, Could you die from STD’s if we all committed to one partner until death?


In the bible it is written two are better then one. boy I tell you when families have a Mom and a Dad so much easier then trying to be a single parent. God knew the best things for us. not hardly any one wants to hear God’s commands and even those who do have perverted them to suit their own religion. To exalt their own pockets and honestly these things should not be. But men’s hearts are not right by God and that has been the case even in the beginning with people. God told Adam and Eve to not eat off a tree and they like us people until this day do not listen.


Not listening to God is irrational thinking. it is not putting any thought in the things we are doing. I have put thought into it and that is why I now have clear thinking. God gave us sound mind and we were suppose to make sound decisions, but half the world is not even speaking sin. They speak things to exalt self. or say things pleasant to the ears and these things are death unto us. For many years I been saying read your Word. put it in you. Sit with God pray not to sin. because honestly if people knew the truth a lot more people would choose God. I believe this. I did not enjoy suffering in my sins. But I did suffer and honestly it was because of ignorance and lack of knowledge to God’s Word. I pray there be a generation of people who sit with God and God open our eyes to truth and it be life unto our navels and we live and feed it to the next generations.


Anyways this will be continued. I will give us a walk through of sin and then you can decide. Do I continue in sin? or do I pray for strength to walk upright? For many will not come to Light because they love their evil deeds. many do not love their evil deeds but never come to Light for Light is never spoken to them. It is being kept hidden in this generation. I pray some of the things I will write about open our eyes so we may be able to make a sound decision. God bless the reader and any who hear, consider and listen!  Shalom! I truly do love you guys!  Have a wonderful day dear people. and may God open the eyes of the blind so we can see and make clear decisions and may the truth set us free in Jesus name Amen!





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