Input produces Output

My Mom use to say you are who you hang with and if you aren’t you will be. I did not understand that saying until I got older. Now I see it so clearly. I speak a lot about God and I tell everyone you want change. change your music. put God music in you. Start reading the bible. Turn off social media. Read your bible. yes I said it twice I know because honestly you are what you put in you.

Watch porn twenty four seven and don’t be surprised if you get a sex addiction. Stand with people who cuss 24 seven and see if you don’t start speaking like them. Husbands and wives pick up each other’s speech. You ever notice you never say a certain phrase, then a new friend comes and all of a sudden you are saying something new. When you start to think on it. Like where did that come from? that is what your new friend always says so subconsciously you start sounding like them. Hang with thieves, how long before you steal? hang with street walkers, how long before you are walking the streets? hang around with liars? How long until you are consumed by lies?

I love the Word of God. this whole post can be summed up with scripture. This is where God showed me what you put in you matters. Matthew 6:23, Romans 10:17. I was meditating in the Word and my eyes were open and honestly this revelation came when I prayed and asked God why the Pentecostals years ago use to teach no television. God also challenged me to turn it off.

And so I did. I turned off the television. I turned of social media, and I spent time with God. and MY GOD!!! I TELL YOU IT WAS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD! I sat with God. I prayed. I studied. and all of a sudden I had so much joy. Not to mention all my prayers God was answering! I did not have those songs telling me I needed a man. I did not see all that garbage in my mind. I did not realize how much that stuff was weighing me down until I turned it all off.

We watch movies that promote going to bars. going to watch strippers. getting drunk, sleeping with random people but honestly how many of us are truly happy when we are doing that stuff? I openly confess. I WAS NOT! also seems to be a lot of wasted money when so many of us say we are broke. I wonder how many are truly broke or just spending their money foolishly? I was amazed to see how much cash I had when I put down all those terrible vices.

I never want to go back to my old life! I was wretched and miserable. I was drowning in grief. I was an empty vessel. and I am so thankful I pray(ed) and God heard me and spoke to me. I write this in the open because I know this knowledge works I been spreading it around for years now and the people that have praised me for such, is a great number and that is why I speak. praying other people will test me and try God. and see if I am special or God really loves people.

There are a lot of new things you can put in you to change your outcome. but since I seen God do miracles because of my own disbelief. and Yes I did say disbelief. I use to pray never believing God would hear me and honestly I am so glad I did that! is why I now believe so greatly. You can pick up new things to replace the old, and I think you should as long as they are in the positive direction. but other books can’t bless you. other books can not lead you to an invisible God who is able to do many things people can not. Luke 18:13-14

God answers prayers and honestly I only say that because I prayed prayers earnestly. Not vain prayers like God help me win the lottery but earnest prayers. Ask God to help me go forward. Asking God to give me strength to walk away from what I was doing. Asking God to change my heart, my mind. Psalm 51. Praying for employment. praying for shelter when I was homeless. praying for so many things I have seen God answer and I am thankful and honestly I believe God will do the same for any who seek God earnestly. Those are my beliefs my friends for it is written in the Word and honestly it is things like that that make me love God so much. God left a Wonderful magical Book that helps broken people live. That’s so WONDERFUL

I am a promoter of the bible. because I have seen God do miracles. I have heard God and I know by God’s Word I have been transformed and honestly I thank God for that. I like God’s Word soooooooooooo much I speak it to everyone I know. For God does not condemn. Men are condemned by their own actions. Sin is punished. This is why I speak Jesus. God knows we are sinners. Knows that life is hard, We have trials. God made heaven and earth and all things, so God is well aware how all things function in God’s planet. God knows our thoughts, our deeds, our actions, the things people try to hide. the things they think nobody seen, God sees them all. and God watches. Meaning You can sin if you want but honestly God says sin not because sin causes bad things and God knew that and that is why God tells us not to sin.

I pray many consider eating off the tree of LIFE,so they may live. (The Bible-Follow Jesus-read your Word whole so you may be made whole!) Regardless of whether or not you believe in God or read your bible. it is truth when I say input produces output. I pray many of us look at life in a different way and may we be fruitful and multiply. Consider your life. consider your labor. All things we do produce fruit. Input produces output. So what have you been putting in you? and what is it producing? Food for thought. Have a blessed day dear people.

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