Irrational Thinking

The Word of God has so many lessons about sin. it teaches about sloth. it teaches about drunkards. it teaches about fornication and when I have pondered on the Word, when I prayed. when I considered. when I sought God with all my heart I came to understanding why God tells us not to sin.


It is not because God is on some power trip. it is not because God hates us and wants us to be miserable. it is because sin causes death. Yes we all die but truthfully the odds are greater for life when we don’t sin. So many things in the Word are considered sin and all this sin can bring you down and even cause destruction. other sin keeps you trapped in bondage.  A couple years ago I was writing a whole bunch of message about sin, and why we don’t do it.  I seriously think i will bring these messages back around.


I have decided to tie this into irrational thinking. irrational thinking is doing the first thing that comes to mind without any thought of the repercussions of our actions. I think I am going to bring back some of this teaching.   I believe in marriage. I believe God wants us married because God knows each human being craves affection from others. and God did not want us to be alone. Also God knew that there would be a time when sex with many partners would be death to us. This is why I believe God designed marriage..

in the beginning God mad Eve for Adam there was not many just the two and they stayed together until death. and honestly I do believe that is the way God intended. besides a blood transfusion people may not ever receive, Could you die from STD’s if we all committed to one partner until death?


In the bible it is written two are better then one. boy I tell you when families have a Mom and a Dad so much easier then trying to be a single parent. God knew the best things for us. not hardly any one wants to hear God’s commands and even those who do have perverted them to suit their own religion. To exalt their own pockets and honestly these things should not be. But men’s hearts are not right by God and that has been the case even in the beginning with people. God told Adam and Eve to not eat off a tree and they like us people until this day do not listen.


Not listening to God is irrational thinking. it is not putting any thought in the things we are doing. I have put thought into it and that is why I now have clear thinking. God gave us sound mind and we were suppose to make sound decisions, but half the world is not even speaking sin. They speak things to exalt self. or say things pleasant to the ears and these things are death unto us. For many years I been saying read your Word. put it in you. Sit with God pray not to sin. because honestly if people knew the truth a lot more people would choose God. I believe this. I did not enjoy suffering in my sins. But I did suffer and honestly it was because of ignorance and lack of knowledge to God’s Word. I pray there be a generation of people who sit with God and God open our eyes to truth and it be life unto our navels and we live and feed it to the next generations.


Anyways this will be continued. I will give us a walk through of sin and then you can decide. Do I continue in sin? or do I pray for strength to walk upright? For many will not come to Light because they love their evil deeds. many do not love their evil deeds but never come to Light for Light is never spoken to them. It is being kept hidden in this generation. I pray some of the things I will write about open our eyes so we may be able to make a sound decision. God bless the reader and any who hear, consider and listen!  Shalom! I truly do love you guys!  Have a wonderful day dear people. and may God open the eyes of the blind so we can see and make clear decisions and may the truth set us free in Jesus name Amen!






I saw a post I thought really tickled my humor. As I watched this video a few times it just made me laugh. Not to mock it. I TOTALLY APPRECIATED IT, thought it was an awesome post!! Although a couple years ago if I watched it I might of shed tears. The most powerful scriptures in the bible that I believe matter, Proverbs Chapter 3, Psalms 37. and the many places David says rest in the Lord. be still and know that I am God.

I do not believe unity will ever be on this planet. for free will will forever stop that. I believe that is the way God designed it to be. God does not want us all knowing the same thing. because in order to do that men would be following men blindly. So many times people follow traditions and religions, we follow our pastors. We don’t read the Word. We just take words of others and because of such division is created. hearts are stirred and men’s thoughts remain wicked. the bible was never about theology. it was about sin and how to overcome it. and that is simple truth of the Word. the truth men are not able to receive.

Too many try and prove things we ought not be doing. We sit and exalt religions. This religion is truth. this guy speaks truth . This book is the way and they aren’t even speaking the Word. the Word ends all arguing and all debating this is why the devil keeps us far from it. and men would rather boast in self and make theories, and boast in our own knowledge, then tell us read our Word. and even when men speak read our Word who really wants to?

So many are lazy. so many don’t want to seek God. they want to be told what the bible says but hardly any want to receive it on their own. They say God is not a respecter of persons but honestly those who seek are rewarded and that is the problem. Not all people are seeking and neither will they. Narrow is the way and and as long as we are off path forever we will fight.

Adam and Eve had two sons. the same seed, the same parents the same upbringing. One was a murderer and one was not. To say we are all Christians and should all be on the same page is not even biblical. even the disciples fought among them self. Peter argued with Jesus. Paul rebuked Peter. and when it was all said and done many religions were created not one. Why my friends? and if Peter and all them had the way, then why did God use Paul so greatly? Just some things to consider or even take to prayer and bible reading and prayerfully revelation will be given.

Why did Jesus have two speeches? Why did Jesus speak parables to some and others He spoke clearly too? How come you can have two twins identical and they can both get in an accident and both loose the same limb. one will rise and walk. The other will be confined to a chair. Why? All people are made different? and some will never choose God. and others are luke warm and this is where the division comes from.

No one wants to tell the sinners not to sin. We would rather fight over doctrine. Why worry about unity between domination when so many are going to die in their sins? if all domination practiced not sinning and speaking that. we would have unity on this planet. can you argue, do not murder? Do not steal. Do not commit false witness? NO. but you sure can taint love. and you can beat around the bush and make a million divisions that way, the way of LIFE will forever be hidden.

Let’s fight over bible versions and say God is only in this one. lets say our church is the only way. and men put up stumbling blocks. Jesus came and spoke against religion and taught us how to get our hearts right with God but yet these are the messages most of the world won’t even speak because those are the true messages to unity!

I won’t even sit in most Christian groups anymore. I see less fighting in the sinner crowds. I can see why Jesus sat with them. and even then speak Jesus in today’s times and just like when Jesus walked the earth religious people will come and stone you. I am happy to not be a part of that crowd.

Just seriously thank you God for opening my eyes to the truth in the Word. the best thing on planet earth is to sit with God. Sup on God’s Words. and be DOERS of that great book. trust in God and the plan God has. Faith, believe what you can not see. relax. (be still) trust God and know God will be exalted. See scriptures I shared earlier. Then you can just live peacefully with God and even convert others. Another observation I have made. Most sinners will gladly receive a person who speaks the Word. Speak the Word around other Christians and honestly seems to be problems, unless you are speaking about anything other then sin. Just an observation I have made from speaking the Gospel in many crowds.

Too many follow Paul and want to debate everything. and it’s funny they debate things that have all ready been debated. that is how we got a lot of the New Testament in the first place. the same things they argued about back then, they still do until this day. Hardly any are Christlike. Nobody wants to call out sinners. We all just want to be Paul. lets go rebuke every religion and forsake the sinners. if we are all like Paul. who is being like Christ?

and as a sinner who use to sit back an observe this stuff let me tell you it pushed me farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from God. I thank God who came after me. because God saw my heart! All the divisions are doing exactly that, and thank God, God is greater then men or people would be lost!


Anyways God bless the author who shared the original video I watched. it was a great video! and I see the intent, and sure did appreciate the words!! but honestly to the sinners watching. I pray we sit at Jesus feet and ask God to help us not sin. it has a greater effect then trying to follow religion. Which honestly can truly throw you in confusion if you do not know God. I just write this as strong advice to any who are seeking God.  I pray we seek God to not sin and everything else just say Lord my life is in your hands. I trust your will. help me live according to you.  in Jesus name Amen!

Input produces Output

My Mom use to say you are who you hang with and if you aren’t you will be. I did not understand that saying until I got older. Now I see it so clearly. I speak a lot about God and I tell everyone you want change. change your music. put God music in you. Start reading the bible. Turn off social media. Read your bible. yes I said it twice I know because honestly you are what you put in you.

Watch porn twenty four seven and don’t be surprised if you get a sex addiction. Stand with people who cuss 24 seven and see if you don’t start speaking like them. Husbands and wives pick up each other’s speech. You ever notice you never say a certain phrase, then a new friend comes and all of a sudden you are saying something new. When you start to think on it. Like where did that come from? that is what your new friend always says so subconsciously you start sounding like them. Hang with thieves, how long before you steal? hang with street walkers, how long before you are walking the streets? hang around with liars? How long until you are consumed by lies?

I love the Word of God. this whole post can be summed up with scripture. This is where God showed me what you put in you matters. Matthew 6:23, Romans 10:17. I was meditating in the Word and my eyes were open and honestly this revelation came when I prayed and asked God why the Pentecostals years ago use to teach no television. God also challenged me to turn it off.

And so I did. I turned off the television. I turned of social media, and I spent time with God. and MY GOD!!! I TELL YOU IT WAS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD! I sat with God. I prayed. I studied. and all of a sudden I had so much joy. Not to mention all my prayers God was answering! I did not have those songs telling me I needed a man. I did not see all that garbage in my mind. I did not realize how much that stuff was weighing me down until I turned it all off.

We watch movies that promote going to bars. going to watch strippers. getting drunk, sleeping with random people but honestly how many of us are truly happy when we are doing that stuff? I openly confess. I WAS NOT! also seems to be a lot of wasted money when so many of us say we are broke. I wonder how many are truly broke or just spending their money foolishly? I was amazed to see how much cash I had when I put down all those terrible vices.

I never want to go back to my old life! I was wretched and miserable. I was drowning in grief. I was an empty vessel. and I am so thankful I pray(ed) and God heard me and spoke to me. I write this in the open because I know this knowledge works I been spreading it around for years now and the people that have praised me for such, is a great number and that is why I speak. praying other people will test me and try God. and see if I am special or God really loves people.

There are a lot of new things you can put in you to change your outcome. but since I seen God do miracles because of my own disbelief. and Yes I did say disbelief. I use to pray never believing God would hear me and honestly I am so glad I did that! is why I now believe so greatly. You can pick up new things to replace the old, and I think you should as long as they are in the positive direction. but other books can’t bless you. other books can not lead you to an invisible God who is able to do many things people can not. Luke 18:13-14

God answers prayers and honestly I only say that because I prayed prayers earnestly. Not vain prayers like God help me win the lottery but earnest prayers. Ask God to help me go forward. Asking God to give me strength to walk away from what I was doing. Asking God to change my heart, my mind. Psalm 51. Praying for employment. praying for shelter when I was homeless. praying for so many things I have seen God answer and I am thankful and honestly I believe God will do the same for any who seek God earnestly. Those are my beliefs my friends for it is written in the Word and honestly it is things like that that make me love God so much. God left a Wonderful magical Book that helps broken people live. That’s so WONDERFUL

I am a promoter of the bible. because I have seen God do miracles. I have heard God and I know by God’s Word I have been transformed and honestly I thank God for that. I like God’s Word soooooooooooo much I speak it to everyone I know. For God does not condemn. Men are condemned by their own actions. Sin is punished. This is why I speak Jesus. God knows we are sinners. Knows that life is hard, We have trials. God made heaven and earth and all things, so God is well aware how all things function in God’s planet. God knows our thoughts, our deeds, our actions, the things people try to hide. the things they think nobody seen, God sees them all. and God watches. Meaning You can sin if you want but honestly God says sin not because sin causes bad things and God knew that and that is why God tells us not to sin.

I pray many consider eating off the tree of LIFE,so they may live. (The Bible-Follow Jesus-read your Word whole so you may be made whole!) Regardless of whether or not you believe in God or read your bible. it is truth when I say input produces output. I pray many of us look at life in a different way and may we be fruitful and multiply. Consider your life. consider your labor. All things we do produce fruit. Input produces output. So what have you been putting in you? and what is it producing? Food for thought. Have a blessed day dear people.