Welcome to my page

Welcome to my page if you are reading this looking for a perfect person do us both a favor and just leave now.  I am not perfect. Nor was I in the past.  I am better then who I was but honestly I could be a lot better then where I am now. I have been knocked down many times in my life.  I told people I am not a Christian. nor am I a Muslim, a Hindu or any other religion. I mean not to be offensive to people but honestly I am a Bible believer. More so I believe in God who made the bible! I have a strong relationship with God.


I am not your church, Nor your religion. I found out I don’t really fit in those crowds and because of such I have such great faith in God. But I do love church at the same time!  I am thankful for my life.   I love people. and everyone who knows me, knows I only want the best for people I love. and since I love everyone that is all people. But honestly not all people want the best for them self.


People like to lean on excuses, even me I am a people so of course I have done the same things. I may even do those things now. if so I know not that I do it. I try with my everything not to anyways.  Excuses don’t solve problems. neither do pity parties.  Life is hard. Sometimes it’s easy. Life is like a marriage and we are married til death do us part. There are good times and bad times. There are trials. There are things that may want to break you and things that will pull you together. That is life my friends. All I know is you can’t give up. Life can change. You can have ten years of bad times then the next twenty years of your life be blessed more then you can imagine.


As long as you are alive there is hope. I believe that. I only believe that because of God. because I prayed in my closet, because I read my bible. And these things have given me such a will to live. not by my strength but by God’s. Psalms 37:23-24. Either way God bless the reader that is brought to my page. I pray whether it be today, tomorrow or even years into the future, that I say something that can encourage many to live and those have been my prayers for many years now. I also pray God add unto God daily. For I do believe Jesus is the way!  I also believe God created people and gave us free will and I do believe God would want us to live right according to God and not sin. because sin is death unto us whether or not you know God or not, it is truth.


I believe God made us and life was not designed to be easy. I also believe all things on planet earth work for God’s purpose (Greater GOOD) and no man or woman and child could understand God’s purpose. I believe this. I also believe we should trust in God and believe in the things we can not see. God would want people to live. I believe that is why God commanded us not to sin. Long before religion existed. I believe that is why God had people write the Wonderful Book of LIFE or as some call it, The Holy Bible. Those are my beliefs. and truthfully not one person on this planet could change my beliefs. i am firm in them.


I pray the reader who comes to visit this page, God bless us and help us move forward and may we leave the past behind and God write us a new name, a new life, and make us into new creation pleasing to GOD!  Those are my prayers and only time will tell if God answer them! Have a blessed day dear people and welcome to my page! Written by Michelle Stokes in the utmost love for all people!

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