Straight Motivation!

So today I posted a post about age and a lovely person came to my page and spoke of their story written about age.  A few months ago when I got knocked down I was praying to God and honestly I was feeling old. and after I got done praying I was lead to this video. and honestly it inspired me greatly. It is kind of long but really worth listening to.  I realize I am not dead, and my Dad is alive and very active. He is almost 82 and he still walks, and runs and jumps. he is very active. he can do push up and hoola hop. and honestly my dad also motivates me. But after watching this video i got a new perspective which I really needed because after being beat up it was hard to get my mind set back and I am just so thankful God has many people motivate me in so many ways. it really is a blessing from God.


Either way i do pray someone out there take some time to watch this video and perhaps read the last article I shared that truly is inspiration. or at least for me it is anyways!  have a blessed wonderful day dear people!

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