Life as a servant

I spent a lot of my years being like what Jesus spoke even though I did not know it. In the Word of God it is written take nothing in your purse and go where they accept you. and without knowing the bible. That is so much of my life.  I stayed in a relationship I hated the man. But His Mom was dying and I would not leave until I buried his mom.  I stayed at people’s houses when I could of moved on. But they would not of made it without me and I could clearly see this. So I stayed for them. I did this for so much of my life.


I am old now and maybe it was foolish to do such things. because now I have nothing. In a sense I was a foolish virgin like the parable. But I always just knew God would take care of me. I believe in prayer I have too much experience seeing the power of it.  There is a lot more to this story I am not writing but honestly I am just reflecting on life. I am getting too old to start over, and now I want a stable life. It would be nice to say I thought this way as I was younger but honestly I did not.


Sometimes I was being a servant to people I should not of been. it is good to help people but if you are being attacked for being a servant it is probably time to leave. I learned that one from reading my bible. Jesus did not sit where they threw stones at him, he fled the scene. I honestly wish I had been reading my bible when I was younger because honestly I do believe it is the best guide on this planet for LIFE and instruction and honestly I believe the Word of God is living and active for those who wish to follow and listen.


I also believe you should not be giving up everything you own if you don’t have it to give. Hind sight I would of did somethings different in my life. I am not sorry I helped those people but to be where I am at, at my age, is probably not a wise thing. I would work harder when I was younger so I could help out more as I was older. Now I am old trying to pick my self up. Not so fun nor easy. Just a random thought. I pray someone get something out of this to help them in their own life. Just my prayers.


I pray God bless a new generation. it is good to be compassionate, to give, to want to help people but I pray God change our mentalities. if you give all you can when you have nothing it is not good.  The poor give to the poor and the rich keep their riches. I pray many of us poor people get rich and then we can be different and maybe perhaps help some of the next generation not be so broken. Would be nice to see some of us servants lifted up to a place where we can feed others in the famine. making mention of Joseph. I would be a slave in my younger years if I could feed many later as I was older. I would think being a slave paid off. Again just random thoughts and prayers. have a blessed day dear people!


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