Age is Just a Number!! Isn’t It?

I definitely had to reblog this! God knows me well. This message blessed me probably more then any would know. God must of heard my prayers. Thanks to the author who came to my page and gave mention of it! Truly blessed me! šŸ˜€


Do you know what is theĀ master secret of age? The answer is very simple. This secret is the miracle working power found in your own Subconscious mind. Once you learn to contact and release the hidden power of yourĀ subconscious mind, you can bring into your life more power, more wealth, more health and more happiness. You do not need to acquire this power.

The law of life is the law of belief, and belief could be summed up briefly as a thought in your mind. A magnetized piece of steel will lift about twelve times its own weight, and if you demagnetize this same piece of steel, it will not even lift a feather. Similarly, there are two types of men. There is the magnetized man who is full of confidence and faith. He knows that he is born to win and to succeed. Then, thereā€¦

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