Age is but a number

So years ago women use to not want to speak their age. As a kid I always saw all these women lie about their age. But the thing is they always made them self younger. and so when I started getting older. I use to tell all my friends, Hey when I get older I am going to tell everyone I am older then I am. They said Whattttttt? I said seriously when I am 40 I will say I am fifty.  When I am sixty I will say I am 80. They all started laughing. Girl you are crazy why would you do that?  Are you kidding me? I want my compliments Think about it they will say damn girl you look good for 80!  Hahaha! 😀 😀  and I will smile and say thank you! knowing I am only 60. I want my compliments! DON’T HATE ME! I use to say this stuff in humor never really meaning any of it. But ummmm seems I do, do this. because I am not 50 but I do tell everyone I am.


Not on purpose. I just look young they tell me, and my mind is young and so many 20 year olds think I am at their level because of such and sorry babe, but I am double your age and honestly they told me to respect the elderly and I do want my respect.  Age teaches you many things them twenty year olds just don’t know. Although every twenty year old in the world thinks they know everything. See you in 20 years buddy!


Anyways these two post I just wrote were random! I do love to laugh but honestly I round up because I am not one of those forty year old in denial about their age. I love being in my forties but honestly I can tell I am getting old. Things are hurting that never hurt. and honestly the energy level is not what is was. and neither is there that naive thinking of the twenties. I just admit now I don’t know anything and everyday I am learning. and honestly I am learning more now in my forties then I ever did.


Welcome to my mind!  Scary.. 😀 I love you guys I pray someone saw some humor in these. Can’t always be a stiff neck!



9 thoughts on “Age is but a number

  1. Very true.

    I have also blogged similar article “Age is just a number, isn’t it?”
    Which includes the 5 inspiring story of very old personality who has proven this.

    Must read the article.

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