Welcome to my page

Welcome to my page if you are reading this looking for a perfect person do us both a favor and just leave now.  I am not perfect. Nor was I in the past.  I am better then who I was but honestly I could be a lot better then where I am now. I have been knocked down many times in my life.  I told people I am not a Christian. nor am I a Muslim, a Hindu or any other religion. I mean not to be offensive to people but honestly I am a Bible believer. More so I believe in God who made the bible! I have a strong relationship with God.


I am not your church, Nor your religion. I found out I don’t really fit in those crowds and because of such I have such great faith in God. But I do love church at the same time!  I am thankful for my life.   I love people. and everyone who knows me, knows I only want the best for people I love. and since I love everyone that is all people. But honestly not all people want the best for them self.


People like to lean on excuses, even me I am a people so of course I have done the same things. I may even do those things now. if so I know not that I do it. I try with my everything not to anyways.  Excuses don’t solve problems. neither do pity parties.  Life is hard. Sometimes it’s easy. Life is like a marriage and we are married til death do us part. There are good times and bad times. There are trials. There are things that may want to break you and things that will pull you together. That is life my friends. All I know is you can’t give up. Life can change. You can have ten years of bad times then the next twenty years of your life be blessed more then you can imagine.


As long as you are alive there is hope. I believe that. I only believe that because of God. because I prayed in my closet, because I read my bible. And these things have given me such a will to live. not by my strength but by God’s. Psalms 37:23-24. Either way God bless the reader that is brought to my page. I pray whether it be today, tomorrow or even years into the future, that I say something that can encourage many to live and those have been my prayers for many years now. I also pray God add unto God daily. For I do believe Jesus is the way!  I also believe God created people and gave us free will and I do believe God would want us to live right according to God and not sin. because sin is death unto us whether or not you know God or not, it is truth.


I believe God made us and life was not designed to be easy. I also believe all things on planet earth work for God’s purpose (Greater GOOD) and no man or woman and child could understand God’s purpose. I believe this. I also believe we should trust in God and believe in the things we can not see. God would want people to live. I believe that is why God commanded us not to sin. Long before religion existed. I believe that is why God had people write the Wonderful Book of LIFE or as some call it, The Holy Bible. Those are my beliefs. and truthfully not one person on this planet could change my beliefs. i am firm in them.


I pray the reader who comes to visit this page, God bless us and help us move forward and may we leave the past behind and God write us a new name, a new life, and make us into new creation pleasing to GOD!  Those are my prayers and only time will tell if God answer them! Have a blessed day dear people and welcome to my page! Written by Michelle Stokes in the utmost love for all people!

Straight Motivation!

So today I posted a post about age and a lovely person came to my page and spoke of their story written about age.  A few months ago when I got knocked down I was praying to God and honestly I was feeling old. and after I got done praying I was lead to this video. and honestly it inspired me greatly. It is kind of long but really worth listening to.  I realize I am not dead, and my Dad is alive and very active. He is almost 82 and he still walks, and runs and jumps. he is very active. he can do push up and hoola hop. and honestly my dad also motivates me. But after watching this video i got a new perspective which I really needed because after being beat up it was hard to get my mind set back and I am just so thankful God has many people motivate me in so many ways. it really is a blessing from God.


Either way i do pray someone out there take some time to watch this video and perhaps read the last article I shared that truly is inspiration. or at least for me it is anyways!  have a blessed wonderful day dear people!

Age is Just a Number!! Isn’t It?

I definitely had to reblog this! God knows me well. This message blessed me probably more then any would know. God must of heard my prayers. Thanks to the author who came to my page and gave mention of it! Truly blessed me! 😀


Do you know what is the master secret of age? The answer is very simple. This secret is the miracle working power found in your own Subconscious mind. Once you learn to contact and release the hidden power of your subconscious mind, you can bring into your life more power, more wealth, more health and more happiness. You do not need to acquire this power.

The law of life is the law of belief, and belief could be summed up briefly as a thought in your mind. A magnetized piece of steel will lift about twelve times its own weight, and if you demagnetize this same piece of steel, it will not even lift a feather. Similarly, there are two types of men. There is the magnetized man who is full of confidence and faith. He knows that he is born to win and to succeed. Then, there…

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Life as a servant

I spent a lot of my years being like what Jesus spoke even though I did not know it. In the Word of God it is written take nothing in your purse and go where they accept you. and without knowing the bible. That is so much of my life.  I stayed in a relationship I hated the man. But His Mom was dying and I would not leave until I buried his mom.  I stayed at people’s houses when I could of moved on. But they would not of made it without me and I could clearly see this. So I stayed for them. I did this for so much of my life.


I am old now and maybe it was foolish to do such things. because now I have nothing. In a sense I was a foolish virgin like the parable. But I always just knew God would take care of me. I believe in prayer I have too much experience seeing the power of it.  There is a lot more to this story I am not writing but honestly I am just reflecting on life. I am getting too old to start over, and now I want a stable life. It would be nice to say I thought this way as I was younger but honestly I did not.


Sometimes I was being a servant to people I should not of been. it is good to help people but if you are being attacked for being a servant it is probably time to leave. I learned that one from reading my bible. Jesus did not sit where they threw stones at him, he fled the scene. I honestly wish I had been reading my bible when I was younger because honestly I do believe it is the best guide on this planet for LIFE and instruction and honestly I believe the Word of God is living and active for those who wish to follow and listen.


I also believe you should not be giving up everything you own if you don’t have it to give. Hind sight I would of did somethings different in my life. I am not sorry I helped those people but to be where I am at, at my age, is probably not a wise thing. I would work harder when I was younger so I could help out more as I was older. Now I am old trying to pick my self up. Not so fun nor easy. Just a random thought. I pray someone get something out of this to help them in their own life. Just my prayers.


I pray God bless a new generation. it is good to be compassionate, to give, to want to help people but I pray God change our mentalities. if you give all you can when you have nothing it is not good.  The poor give to the poor and the rich keep their riches. I pray many of us poor people get rich and then we can be different and maybe perhaps help some of the next generation not be so broken. Would be nice to see some of us servants lifted up to a place where we can feed others in the famine. making mention of Joseph. I would be a slave in my younger years if I could feed many later as I was older. I would think being a slave paid off. Again just random thoughts and prayers. have a blessed day dear people!


Age is but a number

So years ago women use to not want to speak their age. As a kid I always saw all these women lie about their age. But the thing is they always made them self younger. and so when I started getting older. I use to tell all my friends, Hey when I get older I am going to tell everyone I am older then I am. They said Whattttttt? I said seriously when I am 40 I will say I am fifty.  When I am sixty I will say I am 80. They all started laughing. Girl you are crazy why would you do that?  Are you kidding me? I want my compliments Think about it they will say damn girl you look good for 80!  Hahaha! 😀 😀  and I will smile and say thank you! knowing I am only 60. I want my compliments! DON’T HATE ME! I use to say this stuff in humor never really meaning any of it. But ummmm seems I do, do this. because I am not 50 but I do tell everyone I am.


Not on purpose. I just look young they tell me, and my mind is young and so many 20 year olds think I am at their level because of such and sorry babe, but I am double your age and honestly they told me to respect the elderly and I do want my respect.  Age teaches you many things them twenty year olds just don’t know. Although every twenty year old in the world thinks they know everything. See you in 20 years buddy!


Anyways these two post I just wrote were random! I do love to laugh but honestly I round up because I am not one of those forty year old in denial about their age. I love being in my forties but honestly I can tell I am getting old. Things are hurting that never hurt. and honestly the energy level is not what is was. and neither is there that naive thinking of the twenties. I just admit now I don’t know anything and everyday I am learning. and honestly I am learning more now in my forties then I ever did.


Welcome to my mind!  Scary.. 😀 I love you guys I pray someone saw some humor in these. Can’t always be a stiff neck!



Ugly Up on Purpose

This was just a random blog. I don’t expect anyone to follow how I believe I am just writing.  Thought I should say that from the beginning.  I never really thought I was an attractive woman. and I can really dress up if I want but most the time I don’t want to. Put on a skirt and God forbid do my make up and I get people trying to break their necks to hold open doors for me. and even without I still turn many men’s heads. Sorry I am not boasting or bragging I live it and know it. maybe perhaps online does not show it.


Now I am a little fat. I put weight on this year after I lost it.  I got beat up and honestly I would stay fat always if it was not for health issues. I was an active person all my life, really fit. But then in my late 20’s early 30’s I allowed myself just not to care. I was in a terrible relationship and I let myself go.  I stayed fat for less then a decade and then I lost it all just from walking and exercising and proper eating. I kept it off for almost 6 years then I got tired. I sat around a few months after almost 6 years going hardcore. I was like I seriously don’t have to make this a lifestyle do I?


So I stopped. and I did not gain all my weight back but I was like oh no I can’t get back to what I was. So at the beginning of this year I was looking good. I was doing videos. and I was about to do an update then I got beat up.  Needless to say I am up a little again (I mean my weight) but I am back on the same path I was at the beginning of the year. Although i get knocked down . Can’t stay down, or down you will be.


It is getting harder to pick myself back up. I am getting older now. But my mind is still good and everyday we rise is a new chance to do it again. Another thing that makes it hard to loose weight I don’t want to get hit on. The smaller I get and was and have been in my life and even fat.  I don’t like getting hit on. I love big old baggy sweatpants just because then I don’t have to worry about every man trying to pick me up.


Sometimes I get called names because i don’t want to be hit on. No i don’t think I am better then any. Which is what a lot of men say when you say you aren’t interested. It would be different if they really wanted a relationship. But really it is about how quick can we get in bed? How many of you would stick around to get to know me? Looks fade. I believe in forever. I believe in real love. So do you want to get to know me I would think? what if I get sick? what if I get fat? Are you going to stick around then? I don’t want anyone who loves me for my looks. It is such a big turn off to hear I look good from strangers who then try and hit on me. Sorry just keeping it real.


Some people want more then sex. Some people believe in love. and love is not found in three days and that is truth. Try a year, try three. try getting to know me. But no people in the world want to hear that message. Why? if a marriage last forever then why can we not be friends for three years?  Just the way I think and honestly never met any who think like me or I would be happily married by now.


Perhaps I am sick in the head, when I say I did not mind being over weight. I did kind of enjoy it. I was mostly never over weight for more then half my life I was fit. I am glad I got to see both sides honestly. Fat is not healthy. I could care less about being pretty. truth be told I go out of my way sometimes (most of the time) to ugly up.  Are we suppose to confess this stuff? Oppsss. random thought.


The way I think does not seem to line up to reality in this world.  But I truly believe if people controlled the things in between their legs and thought more with their brains when it came to relationships maybe some of our relationships would last.  But then my thinking you have to resist the flesh. Lust is not always good. and if we are friends for three years and never hook up, what is the lost? and yeah i do mean a sexless relationship. To me a friend is priceless. but if we are friends for three years and get married then I think in my mind that is the most beautiful thing. Again I fully admit I think my thinking is off for this world because I don’t find people who agree with me but it is how I think regardless. Also in order for that to work I do suppose you would have to find someone who thinks the same as you.. 😀


How are you together when problems come? Do you have anything  in common? Can you talk things through?  Are they there in good times and bad? Is there any compassion? if you can get a long for years you probably are good candidates for marriage.  Pretty much how I believe and I do know I am pretty much alone in this one.  Too many people rather just sleep with people and hey in three years if it don’t work out, we can go sleep with someone else for three more years. Seems to be the common way in today’s times. Just my observation. There was no purpose in this chatter. just random thoughts.


Anyways I fully confess I like to ugly up. Some people want to flaunt their looks. Not me I do not like to be looked at as a piece of meat. relationships built on sex hardly last. I got to see people married for 50 years and speak to them. They said had they not of learned to work together they would not of made it.   I am old. I am ok with dying alone. For I never wanted to settle when I was younger and I still don’t now that I am older. and honestly since I have been single for so long I am happy to say I have been pretty good to myself. there is hardly any who want to stick when the going get tough and if others are ok with having sex and empty relationships I am not mad at you that is just not how I choose to live.