Fitness and Recovery

So a lot of my post lately have been about recovery. In the beginning of the year they have been about fitness. I have a few stories about fitness I will be adding soon but for the next few days I may not be around. Going to spend some time doing somethings I enjoy.  I created space for an office. For a gym in my house, and a place to do my arts, crafts and jewelry and for the next few days just going to spend some time with my self working on some things I enjoy.


The things I write about on my page are always different.  Feel free to dig around in my calendar and maybe you can find something that will hit home with you. I speak about relationships. I speak about moving forward. Motivation, weight lost, making goals. My whole page is about moving forward in life some type of way.  if anything I do blesses even one, then I have reached my goals even if I am that one. I pray my imperfect life help others grow, for I know how it feels to be down, to feel alone, to suffer from many things and Honestly I write like I speak. I say things I consider to be wise for people who want to hear it because that is what I do for all my best friends and the people I love. I only want the best for us and life is hard. Alone it is hard. but knowing someone else is living the struggle seems like it makes life a little easier. or at least that is how it works in my crazy life.


Anyways God bless you guys and I truly thank and appreciate the people who take time out their busy days to read and like my stuff!   God bless us and help us move forward in Jesus name Amen! be blessed dear people! I love you guys! have a super natural day!

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