Teen Addiction: More Dangerous Than You Might Think

Great article!  and I was looking around, Great page! There is help for many in all shapes as I said in my testimony video today! Either way I share this. My usage started in my teens and your children are not as innocent as many think.  Now that I am older if I knew what I knew now I would never pick up any of that garbage. Think that is why I speak about God so much because if people knew you could have a good life without drugs we might all chose a different way.  Or I know I would of anyways!

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Fitness and Recovery

So a lot of my post lately have been about recovery. In the beginning of the year they have been about fitness. I have a few stories about fitness I will be adding soon but for the next few days I may not be around. Going to spend some time doing somethings I enjoy.  I created space for an office. For a gym in my house, and a place to do my arts, crafts and jewelry and for the next few days just going to spend some time with my self working on some things I enjoy.


The things I write about on my page are always different.  Feel free to dig around in my calendar and maybe you can find something that will hit home with you. I speak about relationships. I speak about moving forward. Motivation, weight lost, making goals. My whole page is about moving forward in life some type of way.  if anything I do blesses even one, then I have reached my goals even if I am that one. I pray my imperfect life help others grow, for I know how it feels to be down, to feel alone, to suffer from many things and Honestly I write like I speak. I say things I consider to be wise for people who want to hear it because that is what I do for all my best friends and the people I love. I only want the best for us and life is hard. Alone it is hard. but knowing someone else is living the struggle seems like it makes life a little easier. or at least that is how it works in my crazy life.


Anyways God bless you guys and I truly thank and appreciate the people who take time out their busy days to read and like my stuff!   God bless us and help us move forward in Jesus name Amen! be blessed dear people! I love you guys! have a super natural day!

Recovery Bible

So I am a believer in God’s Word. I did not find deliverance from AA. I actually did a testimonial video today I have not yet published yet to my page about my recovery. (a little testimony) I believe God loves us and does  not want us to suffer from addictions. in truth be told my whole belief about God is not according to religion or traditions but from seeking God through prayer and even bible reading. God tells us not to do things (sin) for life unto us. God loves us so much God left a wonderful Book of  instructions and knowledge of sin and the results of sin and if people really sought after God maybe then they would find God our Creator who has loved us before we even knew the love of God.  This is why Jesus came to bring us back to that love.  God does not tell us to not do things because God is evil. God says not to do it, because God knows sin is destruction.


Get addicted and you start to find out the results of some of that sin. Either way in the videos I DID post today on my page  (A Butterfly Story,  Idle Hands)  I spoke of a recovery bible I just bought. I was looking through this bible and I said man I wish I had this when I was seeking deliverance but I did not. But I do think it could be very useful to someone out there hurting. So I am adding two reviews of two different recovery bibles. if you are suffering from addictions perhaps these bibles may be useful to you. This one is the  Celebrate Recovery Bible NIV, This link has very descriptive information on the bible. But if you are trying to order it, WARNING that is the price for a case of 12. You can find it cheaper if you search for it solo. and also this one is from NLT Life recovery Bible. I pray this be a help to someone out there and and it land in the lap of a person who needs to see this.

I love the serenity pray from AA. I make mention of it in this video. I have not published this video to my page and not certain I will either but I do pray God lead someone like the former me to it in their time of need.  I am going to add the serenity prayer since I do mention it in this video.  I will also attach links to the reviews on both those recovery bibles. (I have done so) I pray God lead someone to this post in their time of need. Someone like the former me and may it be a great help to them in their time of need. Those are my prayers friends. I pray the reader be blessed and God give us much strength to go forward and may God strengthen us daily in Jesus name Amen!


My messages are not for the holy or the righteous but I pray with everything with in me God does lead them to someone in need.  Have a blessed dear people. I love you guys and I pray many of us go forward and may God lead us on and to the road to recovery and to life and even a future. Those are my prayers and not one person on planet earth will change them I pray God answer them instead in Jesus name Amen! Have a blessed day dear people. My heart cries out for the broken, for I was once broken too.  May God lead you into all things so you may have a new day and a new life to celebrate in Jesus name Amen!

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
that I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
forever in the next.
Copied from these guys, https://www.beliefnet.com/prayers/protestant/addiction/serenity-prayer.aspx#

Idle Hands

I pray this short video be a help to someone in Jesus name Amen!  It is kind of a branch off of my last video. Just words I put out there for any truly trying to go forward. I have a strong compassion for people with addictions and people on the wrong path. I pray this be a help for some of us. Can even help those who struggle with depression, just a different thinking!  I pray it blesses any.  Have a wonderful day dear people! Love you guys!

A Butterfly Story

So this is just a story I said I would tell about this butterfly  This is also shopping haul 😀 :D. Not like most people’s but it is really just random chit chat. Get to know me better. Or see inside my personality. 😀 Or run now before you watch. You have been warned. I pray it blesses someone somehow and maybe at least you can laugh at me. I don’t mind. Towards the end there might be some knowledge worth listening to for those who are trying to go forward. Might be worth watching to the end! Have a blessed day dear people!