The Past is gone

You can’t live in the future when your dwelling place is the past.  Yes they did that to you. Yes this happened to you. it is over. let it rest in peace. You can’t have a future if you live in the past. I pray you look at the here and now and look towards the future. If you dwell in the past your whole life can pass away and you will die never living a life only dwelling in a past, when you could of made change.  You can’t walk if you are sitting down. and in order to walk you have to move your feet. leave the past behind. it is dead. Move on. I myself would not even revisit it.  Just what I consider solid advice from a good friend! I love you guys and it is time for us to move on.


If your past is terrible. Let it go. learn from it. make better decisions and if things happened to you not because of your decisions let it go. Start a new life. Living in the past is deadly. You can get caught up in things that are not even happening, but still living because you keep reliving it.  I hope these words make sense to somebody today and they be a blessing to you and an encouragement to move forward! in Jesus name Amen!  Have a blessed day dear people!


God does not remember our sin. When you are forgiven, they are forgotten. You should not remember sin either just make a new path to not do it.  Strong advice. Love you guys. I pray we let the past rest in peace and make a new way!  For we are in the land of the living and each day we rise is a wonderful new chance to create something new. Food for thought and growth. Shalom!

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