The blame game

You can spend twenty years pointing blame on other people or you can take a few moments, look at what you did and then say, hey I am not them! I AM ME!  If everyone spends all our days pointing out the faults of other people. and even using the faults of others to justify us doing evil. Then nothing will ever be solved. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Change the equation. if everyone one around you is gossiping, then lead by example… don’t gossip. Sometimes you have to own up to the things you did and move on. Even if others are not doing that stuff.


Justifying one’s actions and doing something equal or worst is not ok. it is just an ongoing never ending problem. It is also something drug addicts do. or people with all kind of problems do. Hey! I just steal, I don’t murder.  I didn’t get pregnant out of wedlock I just been sleeping with a married man for ten years but hey I didn’t have a kid so somehow I am better. I have to drink, I have problems. There is always a reason. Always some justification.


I use to entertain such things and I can confess, I played that game too but then I got tired. So much ugly. I am not a follower. I don’t have to be a bully, just because everyone else is. I will stand up to the bully. if we all run then the bully gets away with it. I may not be right in my thinking but honestly I just can’t sit around waiting for my hero to come. Waiting for someone else to do what I can do myself. I use to do those things and it got me no where.


No matter what ugly others do you. I notice in my life it does not pay to return bad deeds with bad actions. If you do a bad action, to a bad action done to you, it just turns into a never ending growing bad, that has a bad outcome. Just an observation I made in my life many years ago. That is what brought me to my knees. and I asked God for strength because honestly you get tired looking for someone to be the right person. Someone to stand up and make a difference. Sometimes that someone has to be you.


This is how I think. random thoughts. I pray they be a blessing to some one. Be different to make a difference.  Instead of us all looking for that good person. How about we be it. If everyone got that mentality, would the world be in the condition it is now? Something to think about. or maybe not. and even if nobody on planet earth thinks as me I will continue to be me. I am content this way. Have a blessed day dear people! I pray God help many of us get so sick and tired of being sick and tired we get up and do something about it. and I don’t mean in a negative way. truly love wins. I believe this!


Written in the utmost love for all people!

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