Running out of titles

Praiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the LORD dear people!  So I am running out of fancy titles to call my post. Just saying good morning!!!!!!! to all the wonderful people. I pray your day be blessed and God help you today and fill us with peace as we begin our journey through the day. Be with us God, give us strength to perform daily deeds and fill us with much wisdom to give us a new direction or keep us on the right path In Jesus name Amen!


I pray your day be filled with sun and if not I pray the Son shine all through your days!  I woke up this morning feeling fresh and wonderful. I thank God for waking me this morning!!! I am excited to see what God has prepared for me today!  I remember a time in my life I dreaded waking up. I hated life and even self. I thank God so much for giving me a new mind set and teaching me how to receive each day as a wonderful new beginning and new opportunity to see what God has planned for me today!


I thank God for my fire, and my new passion and love I have for LIFE!  it is a blessing to receive it and I give God all my thanks early in the A.M and all through the day FOR INDEED GOD IS WORTHY! Shalom dear people!  Make a joyful noise for GOD in the land of the living Saints lift up our voices and give GOD thanks in all things we do, in Jesus name Amen!  have a blessed day dear people!

4 thoughts on “Running out of titles

      1. I love music and use to listen to all different genres of music. Now Christian -God-Gospel music is all I listen to. Even that has so many genres in it. I listen to what moves me spiritually and positively. I found in my life my music was effecting the things I was doing, so now I like to keep a more positive vibe inside of me. Plus it makes me really happy! 😀


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