By Faith

Dear God. You know all the things I have been praying. You know all the things that have been going on in my life, in the past and even now God. I trust you God. I thank you for everything you have ever done and do. Lord if I look by sight so much doubt I could be filled with right now, but Lord you know I lean not on the things I see, for you have long ago taught me against such things.

You have done things that men said were impossible. You have been with me when I was in the wilderness. in the desert when I was thirsty you you gave me your Water so I could drink. I am not thirsty God and I thank you for filling up my cup. I thank you for placing me next to your well.

For all the things I have been through. Through all the things you have seen me through. I thank you so much Father! I praise you! I salute you! I bow to you God. Words could never say enough. there is no deed that could amount to, or equal, or even come close to all the things you have done for me and for the world and all the people.

Lord you know the things I have need for, You know the things I hope for. You know the things I am trying to accomplish and I openly admit I need your help. I ask for your favor. I ask you open doors for me no man shut. I pray you lift me up as I keep my eyes on you Lord. Send me your enduring strength for my heart is heavy and I can not faint for my mouth is open in too much prayers and I pray your ears be open so you receive these prayers and keep them God, in Jesus name Amen!

Your will be done God. I pray for your favor Lord. No matter what I will praise you. and that is all I know. I thank you for answering prayers. the seen and unseen and I trust you God. Praise your Holy Name. Now, forever here on earth and even after. Your will be done! Thank you Abba for listening and taking time out of your busy day to listen to someone like me! I appreciate every single prayer you answer for me and that is truth! I love you and I thank you!

The seen, unseen, and the supernatural. I need a miracle God! and I know ONLY You can perform it! I trust you GOD!