So bless GOD of heaven and earth! I thank GOD for the Pentecostals! Thank you for their worship that taught me to be unafraid to sing. Unafraid to dance. Unafraid to praise the LORD in the middle of the street. In the morning, in the afternoon. All by myself and in a crowd! Not all churches are the same and I tell you I been to some Pentecostal churches that were ummm questionable. But the one in my town is a blessing! I been to so many churches (also religions) and honestly I can thank a lot of them for many things! So edifying it was (has been)!

I am not a religion but honestly if I was I would have to say I would be Pentecostal! I thank God for all my religious experiences. See when I was a child my Mom took us to a Catholic church and they called us Catholics. But that never sat right with my soul. Not to mention it was in Latin when I spoke English. So to me there were no difference from them speaking Latin as the Pentecostals speaking in Holy Ghost for I could not understand either.

perhaps God had it be that way so the Pentecostal Church would not feel so stranger to me. Who knows. I am not God. but I never heard the word Christian unto my late 20’s or early 30’s. Pentecostals did not say they were Christians they said they were Pentecostal. as did Catholics not claim to be Christian at that time either. They said they were Catholic.

I tried not going to church and when I do I feel a piece of me is missing. I ran from the churches and to the churches and honestly when I had no church I prayed God lead me to one and that has always worked wonders in my life. After visiting other churches and sitting in a Pentecostal Church I notice other churches sure do look at you strange when you lift up your hands, and start worshiping. They stand and look in awe. I never cared what they think. You won’t stop me from praising the LORD! I have soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to be thankful for!

The one thing I did not like about Pentecostals is how they say Holy Ghost (speaking in tongues) is a sign you are saved. But not all will have the Holy Ghost my friends. (meaning speaking foreign tongue) and as a person who prayed in the Holy Ghost and out of Holy Ghost I come to understand God sees the heart. God sees the deeds and hears the prayers. All people have to do is pray them.

Regardless of what your religion is, God desires a relationship. God desires your time. For your benefit. not for God’s. God does not need any to worship God, but honestly when you worship God and start being DOERS of the Blessed Beautiful Beloved Holy Bible. You start to come to the fullness of God and then you can just smile and say God no matter what I LOVE YOU! I WILL PRAISE YOU! I will worship! I will honor! I give you thanks GOD! For you are indeed worthy!

I am thankful to be bold! I am thankful to just boast in GOD! I boast not in myself but indeed GOD is worth boasting about! These are just random thoughts. Worship has become first nature to me and honestly there is NO PLACE I WOULD RATHER BE! it is awesome to be at a point in my life, I can say boldly. God I trust you!!! No matter what. Your will be done in my life, whether good or bad. For I had many years of praying and seeking and honoring and I found out loving God is not about the perfect life. it is growing in God. learn that in the storms God is with you. In your trials God is with you. No matter what your eyes see. God is with you! I love Hebrews Chapter 11.

rest in the LORD it will come a time in your life where you may not have time to spend with God as much as you do now. It is wise to put the WORD in you, to get you through those hard times! it has been a great help to me! and honestly for the rest of my days I just want to spend my time in fasting, praise and worship! I love in the Word when it says, Fret not your self with evil doers. For they shall be cut off. REST IN THE LORD and wait! For God’s timing is perfect! it did take time for me to come to the point where I believe that and honestly it is all those hard times that taught me that!

Thank you GOD for being Keeper of your Word for they are indeed faithful and true! the Rock on which I stand! ❤ I pray this message blesses someone somehow! have a wonderful day dear people! As for me and I, I will worship the LORD for the rest of life and ever more! PRAISE THE LORD!

3 thoughts on “Worship!

  1. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! I love your message here! Your experience of the Pentecostal church seems to echo that of my own. God brought so much joy and happiness into my life through them, and though my spiritual journey has taken me away from that community I still feel a deep relationship with the Holy Spirit. God bless you. I have reblogged this.

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