Victory Dance! WOOT!

I am excited! Finally finished my project! WOOOT!  Yessssssssssssssss! HALLELUJAH! Go Michelle!! Go Michelle! Go!! woot! woot! Yay!  Feeling massively accomplished but at the same time now I have a way bigger project then what I started to do. I have over ten years of stuff I wrote to go through. Some will make a come back and others will rest in peace.  You ever notice when you start to deep clean it seems sometimes you are making a bigger mess then what you intentionally started cleaning?   Well if not that happens to me.


I am thankful for being able to cross off a certain list and now I am creating a new one. Every time you accomplish a goal it is important to take time to enjoy the fruit of your labor. At least smile and pat your self on the back! GOOD JOB! 😀 *high fives self because I got no friends* All right! Go Michelle! Go me! YaY!


Learning to be my own best friend was one my life’s greatest accomplishments! When you can’t count on others it is great to count on self! Also thank you Jesus for when my self I couldn’t count on, I could always count on you GOD!  that is WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS!  Feeling excited and blessed and happy to be alive and thankful to be able to give GOD thanks! I pray the reader be blessed and God help you get things done in your life. may this be the season many of us walk away from old things and step into a new beginning in Jesus name Amen!  Be blessed dear people! Love you guys! Shalom!

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