Innards verses clothing

Now some may practice fancy dressing, and outwardly appearances. God sees our innards. before we are born God knows us. When we are naked God still knows us. when we put on clothes God still sees all deeds. Naked we come into the world. naked God knows us. Out of nothing we appeared, and to nothing we return. Our bodies pass away.  Our souls live on, some in heaven, others in hell.  I believe this.  This world is a blessing, Only until we know God, it is curses to us.  and many of us go on being tormented ignorantly by our own sins.


A missing  piece. We all search and seek happiness in all types of temporal things. Yet when we achieve these things there is still a void. Many who change their clothing are still walking around empty and void. and some are not void but filled with bitter, with resent, with hatred and all kinds of things that are not of God. God is Holy and the Holy Spirit produces fruit quite contrary to bitter things. Galatians Chapter 5


How can you say you are saved and hate your brother? Is that even possible? and if so then how can that be?  Did not Jesus yell out woe you hypocrites unto them?  Did He not mention those who make the outside of their platters clean, but their cups are empty inside, Their hearts are void, and waxed cold and they know not the one who sent Jesus. Did Jesus say such things as this? paraphrasing


Why lay heavy burdens on us we are not ready to bare?  How can you say put on a skirt, Stop cussing, when hearts are still broken?  Instead of keeping up church appearances, do you even care if I am broken?  Are you so busy looking at my clothes, you can’t see my heart? If you saw my heart would you still thump me on the head, because my hair is short? Would you shun me away because of tattoos on my arms and legs?


If any reader is reading this. and this story seems to hit home a little bit. I pray you start calling on God. God does not care if you do it naked, in the shower. If you do it from your bed. if you do it driving in the car, walking down the street. if you are homeless and have filthy rags God says,  “call on me. I knew you before you had clothes on.”


I have been stoned by many churches for telling people to seek God earnestly. Seek God with your whole heart, seek God wholly and you will find God.  Personally I would seek God to help me on planet earth. for without God on this earth I was lost, hurting, alone and it took all that for me to find God. Psalm 27:13-14, The whole Psalm Chapter 27 is lovely! ❤


You can get baptized which I am not against. But I also suggest seeking the Living Water and being washed fully in the Word.  I pray these be strong words for any out there hurting in their hour of need. I love you guys and before you had clothes, naked and in the womb God loves us before we even know the love God and that is truth!


I pray many of us come to God and render not our garments but our hearts and prayerfully after our hearts, then some of us start walking as examples. As we grow in God, so do our thoughts and lets be real. God does not want us dressing as harlots if we are to say we are God’s Children. Just some words I consider to be good advice for those who know a little better.  I pray many of us grow in to people who make God proud. Those are my prayers! Shalom dear people!

Why all the labels? Religious talk

I have a serious problem with labels.  Why does everything we do have to be labeled?  I am a few races. I am not one or two.  But a few.  I come from a generation where I was the only mixed kid for almost two decades.  They told me I was black, after I had a break down in school. You have to pick one.  I did not want to.  I wouldn’t. Black people told me I was none of them. I sure do have a story about that incident.  But for the moment we will go beyond all that.


Why do I have to be just one? Why do I have to be forced to choose? Why can I not just be called American? If I am born in America that only makes sense to me. Why if I say, “I love Jesus,” do I have to be called a Christian?  Why do you have to be religious if you say you love God? Does any even know Jesus spoke against religions mostly? and if so why am I called religious for saying I love Jesus?  Sadly I looked the definition up for this word and even then it says one who believes in God? So is it impossible to worship God without a church? If so, why am I called religious for loving God? These things I seriously want to know.

the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.
“ideas about the relationship between science and religion”
synonyms: faith, belief, worship, creed; sect, church, cult, denomination
“the freedom to practice their own religion”
a particular system of faith and worship.
plural noun: religions
“the world’s great religions”
a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.
“consumerism is the new religion”

I once was going to start a religion. I was going to call us, ‘people’. and our object of worship is GOD (The Invisible HOLY Spirit- Crazy I know, who would worship an invisible GOD in this hour? We would lift up our hands and say, Us people do!!  As we praise our Invisible GOD!!) and for practice we follow Christ. But then I figured people would call us Christians even when we said we were just people. Someone told me I denied being a Christian to avoid persecution.  I never did respond but I think I will today. Avoid persecution?  Before I even knew what a Christian was I have been persecuted for speaking truth.

The best thing in my life that ever happened to me, was when God called me to reading my Word! (The Holy Bible for the non religious folks) When God called me out of sin. The pastor wasn’t there, the church wasn’t there. it was me and God alone in the dark. I called on the name of Jesus, I called on the name of God. I have said LORD and all my prayers were answered! Amazing! All three worked WONDERS IN MY LIFE!

When God speaks to me, never has God said, my christian, my pentecostal, my catholic, my methodist, my non denomination. my seven day evangelist.  I never heard God call me any of those things. I have heard God call me my Child. and honestly that makes me happy!  As far as I know. Man is a good title,(If you are a man)). Woman is a good title (If you are a woman). Child is a good title. (If you are a child) We all bleed red.  But honestly I am just tired of labels in so many different ways, and then what happens if you get labeled something you’re not?

Also Followers of The Way it should be because only implies a choice and out of all the religions I studied. Jesus IS THE WAY, to LIFE!  There are many paths and only one to LIFE.  This was just a random thought.  Would be a lovely delight to see many followers of The Way!  Let’s give our self a new label!!! Sorry just the way my mind thinks. Have a blessed day and God bless the reader that read my gibberish this far down the page!


I pray God help many of us go forward and these are serious prayers because I believe God is colored blind and searches our hearts. I pray many of us render our hearts, and even our skin colors, render our everything to God. I also know before men made religion, God made man and woman.  Before churches were even a twinkle in the human mind, God made people. and long after the church walls crumble. God will still be God. Matthew 24:35

Sometimes people tend to think things foolish. They think stones are living. They think rocks have souls. They do not know God created men and women above the buildings. in fact if it were not for the men and women the buildings would not even be.  I pray many come to to understanding. our thoughts are not God’s and neither are our ways God’s. God sees the heart. The intent. The hidden sin. I pray many come to find God.  Have a blessed day dear people! Although church can be very edifying and delight for the soul. The hour we live in today many churches not doing right by God. Isaiah 55:6-9, The whole Chapter-Book is beautiful! ❤

When you grow in God pray for them. (the churches that don’t do right by God. perhaps they can be saved, perhaps they can be not be. God’s will, will be done with or without churches. God will save God’s people and that is truth friend. Since this letter was random. I apologize for going off subject but at the same time Lord use it for your goodness, glory and honor in Jesus name Amen!