Former things are forgotten.

Amen! Let “US” live right and do things pleasing to God, In the beginning God made them He and She in God’s image, God made them. and God spoke sin not. In a simple version. (and these things were LIFE unto “US” Have communion with the Father. Know that God has loved (still loves) us before we even knew the love of God. God wrote things for LIFE unto “US”. It did not say life unto man, life unto woman, but life unto “US”! Those who honor God and live right will see God. I pray many follow Jesus and blessed are those who listen and DO and may they produce good fruit and replenish the lands! for GOD’s glory and honor and even GOD’s name sake. WE LOVE YOU GOD! ❤ ❤ Thank you for giving us fruit of the tree of LIFE!! it is a blessing to those who receive it and eat of it willingly.


For Adam and Eve both had choice, and even them who were first, bore two children one was good, the other was not. Jesus loved (still loves) us all. even the one who betrayed Him, Jesus stayed with and washed his feet. Free will is indeed a blessing and a curse and blessed are those who eat from the tree of LIFE and live! and may we love the fruit thereof(of it)! Amen! PRAISE GOD! FOR LOVING US before we knew GOD, before our eyes were opened. Naked and in the womb, and even before we were a thought to any human, GOD loves us and that is truth friends! (God bless you and your lovely words friend! made reference from this post, as this post I wrote is inspired from it!! God bless the Author!

Sin not and it will be LIFE unto “US”. Thank God for opening our eyes to LIFE saving knowledge!! Thank God for the knowledge of the after life also. Praise JESUS! For there is no death to those who know and love GOD, there is no fear for the love of GOD wipes away all things old and the former things are forgotten. and a new creation we are made whole by GOD! That is WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS! ❤ Amen! Written by Michelle Stokes for the Glory of God, God’s number. God’s Kingdom and God’s People who God knows by name!  Shalom dear people!

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