Praise the Lord dear people! I am alive and well. I just took on some things bigger then I could imagine. Thought I would be done in a day or two which is turning into a week or two and honestly it is all worth it! Yay! I still will be MIA (missing in action) for the next few days. But I will be back shortly! I love everyone! GOD is WONDERFUL! and I pray for those who don’t know GOD, GOD make The Holy Spirit known to you my friends those are my prayers, and GOD is in the answering prayer business! Thank GOD! I pray the reader be blessed and God help you fulfill a new mind set, a new life. a life beneficial to you, and God and others and if any suffer depression, anxieties and burdens or anything I pray we all give it to GOD in prayers, then we have to say Lord help me not to worry. help me trust you God. your will be done in my life, in all things I give it to you! my life, my feet, my everything!!! direct me oh God in ways pleasing to you LORD! I will update all things I been doing lately. But if I start now I will be here for hours and I still have a few days work to to!

I have written work and done a few videos I just have not had time to post them yet. I pray when I do they be a blessing to someone. Until then, Have a blessed day dear people!